Deneuve, Queen Catherine (France 3): Why did Catherine Deneuve anger Brigitte Bardot so much?

Catherine Deneuve, born in Dorléac, has been accompanying us on screen for sixty years, her career sometimes merging with her life and ours too! An icon, a personality, both public and private. This movie traces his journey.

Did the cinema prevent you from living your life?“She answers this question posed to Catherine:”neverBased on numerous interviews, excerpts from movies, footage and even more candid documents, this documentary depicts the journey of “an artist, but above all an artist,” like these images shot on the beach with his late sister, Françoise Dorléac. that of a free woman. Free in her choice of film as in her choice of life. An anecdote says it all… At 17, not even an adult, she left her family home the next day to go live. Roger Vadim, nineteen years older than her, and Catherine Dorléac, Deneuve (his mother’s name) for the cinema, decide to change her hair color. brown becomes blonde. intuition without consequences for the future. Would she have had the same career if she had been brunette? Mystery, but a quote from the archives makes you smile Roger Vadim’s old friend Brigitte Bardot created it for him And God Created WomanI can’t help but say “piapia” to this newcomer, “little nun“In reality, BB is very uncomfortable with this young girl’s rivalry. She obviously has no idea what she will be and what she will represent at the world level in a few years.

Mick Jagger was present at his wedding in London

In the late 1960s, Newsweek was presenting its front page to Catherine Deneuve, while another American magazine, to lookwill “bless” him asthe most beautiful woman in the worldThe Doctor traces the surprising fate of this shy, withdrawn young woman who is almost an actress despite herself. She is also interested in her love life, the men she loves, her children, Christian Vadim and Chiara Mastroianni. They both became actors. Among the most surprising sequences, she recalls their union in London in 1965, at the height of the Swinging London era. British fashion photographer David Bailey married confidant stars. Catherine later wears some black. The dress rejecting the traditional white. Mick Jagger, David’s witness, is there. It’s still a matter of hair when director Jacques Demy’s wife, Agnès Varda, says how disappointed she was when she met Catherine for the first time. Cherbourg Umbrellas. The young woman, whose gaze is hidden behind thick bangs, doesn’t look or look like her any more than she imagined in her movie. It will take all of Agnès’ wits to persuade Catherine to style her hair differently so that Jacques realizes she has found “her” interpreter. for this movie. later, for later Demoiselles de Rochefort. “If I hadn’t met Jacques Demysays Catherine, I wouldn’t go to the movies.“As a reminder, Catherine has made more than 130 films, including more recently. in your lifeIt was launched in 2021 by Emmanuelle Bercot. An icon.

Deneuve, Queen Catherine: Thursday, April 14 at 9:10 PM France 3

Frederick Rapilly

Source: Programme Television

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