In therapy (Arte) – Alain, a character "complicated" embody for Jacques Weber

Don’t judge by looks. Behind Alain, an unscrupulous capitalist, a wounded man hides for a long time. His first translator was Jacques Weber. He trusts.

Sounds like you’re delighted that Éric Tolédano and Olivier Nakache approached you for this second season…

Jacques Weber: This is true. They came to meet me at my house, they touched me so much with great grace. Then they sent me the script and said, “yes for us, now you should see your character with Emmanuelle Bercot, who directed the episodes”. There was a real friendship between him and me. I found it so simple, outspoken like a Mediterranean sun.

Was it clear that you accepted this role?

No ! I was skeptical at first. Embodying a boss was complicated as I was far left. I have fought, fought in all the most left-wing wars possible, and naturally, like any self-respecting idiot, I have often made generalizations about employers. In Alain, in my character, I saw such foundations, such explanations for this difficult relationship with the world and with authority, suddenly discovering that he was human. I thought that Bernard Tapie, a despicable person I saw battling his cancer, was a man like the others again. He silenced me. It’s very interesting to find yourself in that kind of reflection playing a character.

Many of the actors and actresses in the series have experienced filmmaking as therapy. Was this your case too?

Yes. There are things that I don’t want to say, but it’s true that I had a very difficult time to face, and coincidentally it corresponds to the pain of the man I played…

Is Frédéric Pierrot a good playmate?

We maintained an extremely strong and powerful relationship on the physical, intellectual and sensory levels on set. Above all, he is a man that I respect and love very much. He is great, he can become a psychoanalyst tomorrow.

Do you need psychoanalysis to be a good patient? in therapy ?

Number. I’m not one of those who think that it takes six months to be a taxi driver to play a taxi driver. I don’t believe in the “Actors studio” method, even though I have an incomparable admiration for his followers, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro. But I don’t believe it and I don’t care.

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