Les 12 coups de midi (TF1): the star is fully revealed, the champion is wrong and creates the joy of Internet users

Yesterday, at “Les 12 coups de midi”, internet users were surprised by the suggestion of the show’s current champion, Maël. While the star was literally coming out, the candidate made a huge mistake, which made the originals and Twitter users laugh.

The current midday master, Maël, was almost the laughing stock of the web yesterday. Indeed, the show’s champion failed to give her full name despite the full reveal of the celebrity hiding behind the midday star. So it was Lewis Hamilton who hid behind the star, but Maël offered… Koh-Lanta candidate Laurent Maistret.

“Everybody at least knows Lewis Hamilton”

The latter failed to make fun of this error and he wasn’t the only one as Internet users also had a blast! While Bruno has been unable to locate Marcel Amont since last year, he is neither the first nor the last person to have been able to correctly name the personality the star has been hiding since the image was fully revealed.

“I told myself he was a singer from the 60s, never knowing him. Before I found Marcel Amont, I looked at the individuals who had participated in the Age tender and woodhead show. I know it’s a shame not to know him, but I’ve never heard of his songs. Still, I often go back to my old tastes. I say it is, ”explained the ex-champion, tele-entertainment.

Jean-Luc Reichmann was relatively surprised after Maël’s poor response. Meanwhile, internet users wrote on Twitter, among other things: “He confused Lewis with Laurent, only L is correct. Dude, seriously, everybody knows at least Lewis Hamilton” but also “Laurent Maistret is now in Formula 1″. de… First of all, it has changed…”. Realizing this mistake, Laurent Maistret did not hesitate to react from his Instagram account. “The head of Jean-Luc Reichmann,” he mocked. And to add, referring to Maël’s reaction after her friend’s bad response: “She’s disgusted, her friend”. And he can have something.

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Source: Programme Television

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