Plus Belle la Vie (France 3): what about Theo?

Does the end of Theo’s plot in the series put an end to his character? We are not sure whether to believe the actor who played him.

fans this wednesday better life They were finally able to see the end of Théo Bomel’s plot and the tragic death of his friend Coralie. The young man, the number one suspect, in part because the final diagnosis revealed his bipolarity in broad daylight, was finally cleared after the arrest of twins Alexandre and Jérémy.

His daily life didn’t get any better. Théo is still scarred by Coralie’s loss, and her bipolarity is unlikely to help anything. Now he wants to extend his stay in the psychiatric hospital for treatment. Even if it means never seeing the character in Marseille again? His translator, Jules Fabre, wants to reassure him. “I didn’t think it was the end of my characterTrusts the Télé Loisirs site, it was just the end of a conspiracy. My character was brought back but I don’t know under what conditions. Writers don’t just bring a character back on the ship and then set it aside.

After his first stunning return to Mistral posing as a trader, especially while making money playing poker, Theo might return in the future showing a more peaceful face. “The logic would be for him to heal himself and then reintegrate into society. slowly climbing uphill‘, concluded Jules Fabre.

The absence of her father, Clément, and especially of her brother Antoine, left a brutal stamp on the character, even as she found her mother Delphine and stepfather Franck. Therefore, we should see Théo Bomel again in the coming months at PBLV.

Thibaut Falconnat

Source: Programme Television

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