C team horrified by this Passe-Partout interview (VIDEO)

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Bertrand Chameroy returns in his column “The ABC”, a series taken from the Jordan de Luxe show.

André Bouchet, better known as Passe-Partout, was this week’s guest. in Jordan. The opportunity to wake up the double hat: well-known, castle Boyard, also his job at RATP, which he has had since 1997.”It is an arrangement between the chain and RATP.“He said. If Jordan de Luxe had let him ask himself that he wasn’t afraid to cause scandals on the subways because he was famous, André Bouchet admitted that he should have taken a few selfies, but it was still very good.”They ask me for a selfie, but it’s just fine, just nice”. The 55-year-old man, who was also questioned by the journalist about his salary, announced that he received about 300 euros per show…

However, it was not this sequence that surprised Bertrand Chameroy, who devoted his daily column to it. It’s up to youWednesday, September 21, 2022. Indeed, later in the interview, Jordan de Luxe decided to measure his guest on the iPhone. “You think there are about six iPhones?” Before addressing the audience directly, the journalist asked his guest: “Stay with us, we will know how many iPhones our dear Dédé, our national Passe-Partout, has produced.

Is it a joke?“Then Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine cried out in horror, as did her guest Benjamin Biolay.”TNT is so beautiful‘, continued Bertrand Chameroy.He was so proud of the show that he made fun of it the entire show.”.

Source: Programme Television