Love Island: Faced with weak audiences, W9 makes a radical decision

The W9 reality show hosted by Delphine Wespiser no longer airs Sunday to Friday…

love island still not attractive. While turnout was very high at the launch of the new show on M6 on Monday, April 24 (1.15 million viewers, or 12.2% of the public, editor’s note), this first episode failed to convince viewers. As soon as he arrived at W9 the next day, the drop was drastic, and the new reality TV from the M6 ​​group hasn’t recovered since.

as our colleagues puremedias.comAccording to the mediamétrie measurements, love island It is watched by an average of 245,000 followers, or just 1.2% of the public, at 19:50 Friday to Sunday. less than Apprentice Adventurersand far from the scores that the first season signed. Fifty It captivated 456,000 viewers, or retained a 2.2% viewership share.

That’s why W9 has decided not to broadcast anymore. love island Sunday. Instead, they now have repetitions Kaamelott. This reprogramming says a lot about the program’s threatened future. Fans of the reality TV show presented by Delphine Wespiser can only follow the nominations. love island On 6play from Sunday 21:00.

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Source: Programme Television

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