Robert De Niro reacts to fatherhood at 79: ‘It brings new perspectives’

Robert De Niro reacciona a la paternidad a sus 79 años: "Trae nuevas perspectivas"Robert De Niro reacts to fatherhood at 79:

Robert De Niro reacts to fatherhood at 79: “It brings new perspectives” – ​​EFE (Agency)

Robert De Niro Opens Up About Fatherhood At 79 And It Shocked Us All! the iconic actor he became a father again with the birth of daughter Gia Virginia Chen De Niro and I couldn’t be happier. But that’s not all, even his friend Al Pacino had a child at 83! De Niro took the opportunity to congratulate Pacino and share his excitement for both new family members.

In an interview with Log in to HollywoodDe Niro joked about the activities he plans to share with his friend: “We go on playdates and change diapers.” It’s amazing to see how two film legends embarking on parenthood late in life and still maintain that distinctive sense of humor.

Even the legendary star of ‘Taxi Driver’ reflected on how different fatherhood is in old age. She acknowledged that when you’re older, you have a greater awareness of things in life and family dynamics. It’s an experience that brings learning and new challenges, but De Niro expressed his happiness at this stage in his life.

In addition to Gia Virginia, De Niro has extended family. He is the father of Drena and Raphael, his two eldest children born of his marriage to Diahnne Abbott. He also had twins, Julian and Aaron, with model and actress Toukie Smith in 1995. Later, in a relationship with Grace Hightower, Elliot and Helen Grace were born. Now, with the arrival of Gia Virginia, De Niro dives into a new adventure as a father.

Robert De Niro, at 79, becomes a father again and reflects on fatherhood in old age. Photo: EFE.
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De Niro spoke about his experiences as a father

The actor also shared his caring yet firm approach as a father. He recognized that sometimes it is necessary to set boundaries and be firm with children, although he always tries to do the right thing and give them the benefit of the doubt. This attitude shows your dedication and love for your children, even when difficult decisions have to be made.

The news of Gia Virginia Chen De Niro’s birth was announced by Robert De Niro himself, who shared an adorable photo of his daughter on social media. It’s exciting to see such a famous character in the world of cinema rediscover the joy of fatherhood.

The arrival of a new member of the De Niro-Pacino family reminds us that love and joy have no age limit. These two great actors continue to amaze us both on screen and in their personal lives.

By Karen Magallanes

Source: Nacion Flix

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