"we take advantage of each other" : Florent Pagny’s son reports from his father

Florent Pagny’s son, Inca, wanted to hear from his father.

Florent Pagny has been battling the disease since January 2022. The singer, who celebrated her 61st birthday on November 6, recently appeared. instagram having lung cancer:I’ve just been diagnosed with a lung tumor, a non-sympathetic cancerous tumor that’s too inoperable, so I have to undergo a six-month protocol of chemotherapy and x-rays. If I can finish the tour, I have to cancel all my concerts“, the former coach explained. SoundHe had to suspend his career and tour. “I’m sorry but you all know that health is the most important thing in life and when you have a problem that is the priority.

But Florent Pagny is back. He gave a remarkable performance in the semi-finals. Sound. As the evening began in TF1, 8 talents still in contention took over the title. To sing a song By Florent Pagny, the latter entered the middle of the song to give voice to the talent. No one had any confidence left, he had not rehearsed with the artist candidates. But the magic worked. This surprise arrival also upset the coaches who were not aware of this unexpected presence. Vianney and Amel Bent burst into tears in shock. Same for Aurélien, who is a big fan of the singer. The other talents’ eyes widened when they saw the star join them and sing along. “I see you’re all doing well, and so am I!“, started its translator know how to love.

He also gave the reassuring news that he will be hosting Julia Vignali on set. telematine. “I’m pretty good, otherwise I wouldn’t be here, but it’s true that all these lives and that weighed it a bit, but it’s nice. Now that we know it’s choppy and then it’ll take a long time, we’re fine, we’re crossing our fingers, it’s going fine“, she told him last week.

The son of Inca wanted to give the news of his father in the columns of the magazine. Premiere and specifically expressed what has changed since his father fell ill. “We see each other much more often than before. We share more together. we take advantage of each other“, before continuing his relationship with the artist, he said: “He is there to guide me. encourage me. Protect me (…) I know how lucky I am to have him always by my side.“.According to her father”brave and kind“.”I see that many people around him show love for him (…) My father has always been with his family. He wouldn’t think about anything else because of him.‘, he noted.


Source: Programme Television

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