‘I don’t show my C*l’: Ambre (Large families) reveals source of income

Ambre, who has been trying to rebuild herself since her divorce from Alexandre Dol, is not afraid to share her daily life as a single mother of five children. The former candidate of the TV series “Large families: Life in XXL”, who is passionate about her profession, also touched on this issue.

A few days ago, Ambre posted a few stills with an excerpt from the movie. African GangsterThe character, who was released in 2010 and named Ousman Badara, said: “When you sink and hit bottom, there are two possibilities, reach out or bounce back”. The smiling mother seemed to imply that she had chosen the second option. Since leaving Alexandre Dol, the father of her two children, a nurse and volunteer firefighter by profession, she has been trying to rebuild herself as best she can and be there for her five children, who are sometimes living badly during this difficult time. when everyone needs to get their mark.

“I’m not showing my ass”

As a matter of fact, he wrote the following under another photo posted on his Instagram account a few days ago: “I know that my children are disturbed by recent events, of course including the separation and everything that comes with it. I do my best to accompany them, protect them, listen to them, pamper them, nurture them, guide them. …I give my all!”. The now single mother also gave her the confidence to make her life choices fully. she said: “I’m assuming I have 5 children from two different fathers (also 2 marriages in response to these rumors circulating in my 366 marriages). I am financially completely independent, taking on my children by continuing to work and organizing myself. I am fulfilled in my professional life but also in my role as a mother and wife. !”.

At this point, he wanted to clarify the situation to some curious subscribers. Yesterday, Wednesday, May 24, he posted a video in his story where we can hear Fabrice Enoué say: “Today you live in a society where people study medicine. They study for ten years, and after years of training where you were told the ‘royal way’ is to do medicine, they make $3,000 or $4,000 a month. They entered competitions, they won first place. And you have girls showing their ass on Instagram and 40,000 a month They eat 50,000 bullets…”. Wanted to react and give an update after this quote. “Since I’m in the medical field, I totally agree with his speech… I’m not going to make friends, but I admit that I find it unfair. That’s why I wanted to keep my feet on the ground and continue my work, and this continues.” It fascinates me! So I don’t earn 50,000 Euros a month, it’s not far at all. I take advantage of this ‘creator’ side of me but I don’t show my ass”said Amber.

And to conclude to avoid any misunderstanding: I am not judging anyone! On the contrary, I do not generalize, but sometimes the conversations are empty and it is not really a good example for our children. It pains me for people trying to get their heads above water!”. “Given the responsibilities we may have in the medical field, or the importance of care in general, which is simply sometimes life-saving but above all supporting the patient in illness… I don’t find some professions actually very sensible.she loved it.

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Source: Programme Television

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