Fabienne Thibeault explains the unexpected administrative mistake that deprived her of part of her retirement (VIDEO)

On Thursday, May 25, on the set of Jordan De Luxe, Fabienne Thibeault spoke about her retirement and explained the reason that deprived her of a portion of the money she was due.

A habit on the set of Jordan de Luxe: their guests have to talk about money. Fabienne Thibeault in the show in JordanThursday, May 25, was no exception to the rule. As a matter of fact, the Canadian singer, who made his name in the rock opera Starmania, was asked how long his retirement would be. “Hidden”answered at the entrance before making sure it was. “a little retreat”. The combatant tried to learn more about his interlocutor. “Around 4,000 euros?”, asked the presenter. “Oh no not at all, much less (…) There was much in our profession that was not announced at that time!”before he announced that he could get a larger amount without any administrative issues. “It’s silly but (…) there are people who write my name is Thibeault, BEAULT, I mean, BAUD or BEAUT… And all that disappears. That’s life. That’s ‘Management'”she lamented, but without lamenting. “We are far from 4000 euros”He added that he will be retiring a second time in Canada. “I’m not a money woman”he finished.

During the same interview, he also talked about the open heart surgery he had a few months ago: quadruple bypass! He decided to go for a consultation after feeling a pain in his chest. “I went to Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital, the emergency room (…) was told, ‘We were very surprised that you didn’t die. Five arteries were clogged, your trunk was completely calcified, you didn’t even have a vein.’ He had a heart attack, great!”, she remembered. Now it’s guaranteed to go “GOOD MORNING MY BABY” and especially believes that he will be revived thanks to this operation. “I was panting all the time and I thought it was because I wasn’t in shape. Of course I’m not the athlete of the century, but there’s a reason why I’m still panting all the time.”He realized he was looking back.


Source: Programme Television

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