“I was so stuck”: Alice Taglioni talks about how she signed up for her first acting class (VIDEO)

Invited to the set of the Cà vous special Cannes Film Festival at France 5, actress Alice Taglioni spoke about her passion for music and how she finally decided to do theatre.

While the 76th Cannes International Film Festival was in full swing, Alice Taglioni illuminated the set of Cà vous on France 5 installed in the Croisette with her presence.

The actor surprised the audience and the audience by playing a magnificent piano melody.

A hidden talent that blew up Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine as well as guests Juliette Binoche and Isabella Rossellini.

Laurent Delahousse’s friend, who is very stylish in his black suit, “whole life”. Indeed, Alice Taglioni made her debut as a pianist after studying at the National Conservatory in the Paris region, before she could shine on stage and film.

He narrates: “It was thanks to the piano that I signed up for a theater course. Because I was playing in a jazz club and I was with a singer. And people were like, ‘He’s playing well but he’s very stuck. But what stuck? And I was stuck, well that’s true, so it helped me a lot”.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine points out that she got her first movie role thanks to her experience as a pianist. “Yes, on the pharmacy tape”.

“Why, did this give the director confidence?”, asks Babeth Lemoine.

“Yes completely. She was a great actress who was supposed to do this but got pregnant. And these were, I think, my first attempts. And François Armanet knew I was playing the piano, he said to himself, and he was probably right, I have a discipline, I definitely have that discipline with my piano, so he said to himself, okay, trust him and let’s go. To go!”says.

“So thank you, François Armanet”, it adds. Alice Taglioni responded to Cécile Cassel, Mathieu Simonet and Aurélien Wiik in “La bande du Drugstore” published in 2002.

Melissa Tella

Source: Programme Television

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