Marvel Studios: Rosa Salazar would be the villain of ‘Captain America: New World Order’

Marvel Studios: Rosa Salazar sería la villana de 'Capitán América: Nuevo Orden Mundial'Marvel Studios: Rosa Salazar would be the villain of 'Captain America: New World Order'

Marvel Studios: Rosa Salazar would be the villain of ‘Captain America: New World Order’ – NaciónFlix (Netflix/Marvel Studios)

The news that shook the Internet and left fans speechless is the discovery of the new villain in the Marvel universe, it is the introduction of Rosa Salazar as the villain of the new UCM film. Last week, some Leaked Images From ‘Captain America: New World Order’ Set have hinted that Sam Wilson (played by Anthony Mackie), in his role as the Sentinel of Liberty, would take on the fearsome group known as the Serpent Society. These pictures caused huge expectations among viewers.

Among the photographs could be seen the superstar of WWE Seth Rollins, accompanied by an enigmatic woman, believed to be Diamondback’s character due to her attire. And now, finally, we can confirm which actress she will play this character. According to Murphy’s Multiverse, Rosa Salazar, known for her outstanding performance in ‘Alita: Battle Angel’, will play Diamondback in this upcoming film from Marvel Studios.

If we look closely at the image, the actress on the right appears to be Rosa Salazar, albeit with blonde hair. So now we have ours villain for ‘Captain America: New World Order’.

This is the photo that aroused suspicions that Rosa Salazar will join ‘Captain America: New World Order’. Photo: Twitter/@Christo45951889
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Who Diamondback in Marvel Comics?

But who is Diamondback and what can we expect from this villain? My Time To Shine Hello, another connoisseur of the details of wonder, also shared his take on this information from Murphy’s Multiverse. According to My Time To Shine Hello, Diamondback, and not King Cobra, will be the leader of the supervillain team known as the Serpent Society.

In Marvel Comics, Diamondback crossed paths with Captain America. On numerous occasions. Although she was initially a villain, she ended up developing a romantic relationship with Steve Rogers. Could we see a similar twist to Sam Wilson’s story in ‘Captain America: New World Order’? It’s still uncertain.

It’s important to remember that Chris Evans’ character has concluded his arc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it wouldn’t make sense to continue with that storyline. Still, there’s a chance the writers will explore that aspect in Sam Wilson’s storyline.

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With Rosa Salazar assumes the role of Diamondback, we can expect an intense and captivating performance from the talented actress. Her previous experience in ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ proved her ability to play strong and complex characters. Diamondback is an iconic villain in the comics, and we’re sure Salazar will bring this villain to life impressively on the big screen.

As the premiere of ‘Captain America: New World Order’ approaches, fans are eager to find out how the story will play out and how Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie, will face this new challenge.

With the incorporation of Rosa Salazar as a Diamondback, expectations are high and fans of the wonderful universe They can’t wait to see the battle between the Sentinel of Freedom and this formidable villain. It’ll be exciting to see how the dynamic between the two characters play out on screen, especially considering the romantic past Diamondback has had with Captain America in the comics.

With each new reveal, the excitement for this next chapter of Marvel Studios continues to grow. The casting of Rosa Salazar to play Diamondback adds another layer of excitement and anticipation as fans look forward to seeing how she brings this important and inspiring character to life.

By Karen Magallanes

Source: Nacion Flix

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