Lance Reddick, star "Phone" And "John Wick"died at age 60

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Actor Lance Reddick, best known for his role as Cedric Daniels in “The Wire” and his work on the “John Wick” series, has died, according to his representative, Mia Hansen.

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He was 60 years old.

His representative said Lance Reddick died suddenly on Friday morning. “from natural causes”.

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“Lance will be greatly missed”said.

An actor whose charming presence often earned him roles of intensity and seriousness, Lance Reddick began his career in the ’90s with roles on shows such as “New York Undercover” and “At Home. White.”

As a teenager in Baltimore, he once told the Guardian that he planned to become a musician. He stepped into acting in the hopes of supporting his young family and laying the foundations of his musical career.

She began acting in regional theaters and at the age of 29 she applied to Yale University to study drama and was accepted and graduated from there.

He then took on his first serial normal role.ounceFrom HBO where he plays an undercover detective disguised as a prisoner.

Later, David Simon gave him the role of Lieutenant Daniels from the narcotics unit, which gave Lance Reddick a breakthrough.

Despite “Phone“It was never a big hit, but was very well received by critics and the industry.

After that “Phone“, the actor continued with an unforgettable role “Loss“and regular roles in the Fox sci-fi series”eaves“, “Harry bosch“and more recently, Netflix” versionresident Evil“.

as well as moviesJohn WickHe acted in movies such asOne Night in Miami“, “Godzilla vs. kong“….

Lance Reddick starring in fourth movie”John Wick“, will be released in theaters in France on March 22.

Melissa Tella

Source: Programme Television

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