Juliette Armanet, who was the victim of a big event at the Accor Arena, interrupted the live broadcast of her concert on Canal +.

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On Friday, March 17, 2023, several fire alarms went off in the middle of Juliette Armanet’s concert at the Accor Arena in Bercy. The hall was evacuated for a short time and the live broadcast on Canal+ was interrupted.

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Great horror at Juliette Armanet’s concert at the Accor Arena in Bercy on Friday, March 17. While the singer was on stage, the fire alarms went off shortly before the end of the show. The concert hall was evacuated as a precaution, but this was a false alarm. As a matter of fact, according to the information received from BFMTV, alarms sounded when the bullet of the Paris concert hall jumped due to electrical problems.

Several journalists present on the scene have widely conveyed this surreal scene on social networks. “Due to an incident, please evacuate using the nearest emergency exits”It can be heard from videos shared on Twitter.

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Canal+, which broadcast this concert live, interrupted the broadcast and then did not continue. “After this very long false alarm… we regretfully had to interrupt the broadcast of Juliette Armanet’s concert! Jean-Marc Juramie, Executive Vice President of CANAL+ France, on Twitter, of course, all will be available in Mycanal very soon!

After a few minutes of hesitation and panic, everything returned to normal and the concert resumed, despite the absence of a large part of the public.

Full of resources, Juliette Armanet therefore had an artist’s worst nightmare. But she took over the show as a big pro. According to the audience, the singer humorously reacted to the situation on stage: “You blew your Bercy bullshit!”

Melissa Tella

Source: Programme Television

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