Les 12 coups de midi (TF1): Why will Stéphane get his full cat in just 6 months?

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It’s no secret to anyone anymore, Stéphane was eliminated from the “12 noon shots” on Friday, January 20. 568,343 Euro jackpot, winnings and gifts together, the former noon master won’t be able to get his check right away.
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Yesterday, Jean-Luc Reichmann posted a photo on his Instagram account of the former noon master, holding a huge check. As you know, if you’ve been following the television news lately, Stéphane was eliminated from the competition. 12 strokes at noon Friday, January 20, 2022. In the face of this defeat, the pain does not leave the candidate empty-handed. Indeed, he won at least 568,343 euros in winnings and gifts! However, despite the check given by Jean-Luc for the form, he won’t touch them as quickly as thought.

“One per release month”

Yesterday, Tuesday, January 24, Jean-Luc announced in the caption of his photo with Stéphane that a winner had been contacted to share the former champion’s earnings. “WHAT HAPPENED THIS MORNING… Message from Miss …. du Morbihan to TF1 this morning”Announcing his joy, the animator began. “lucky winner”. “Hello sir, I’m Miss… the lucky winner of the 12-shot kitty contest at noon. It’s been 4 days since I noticed a lot. I was surprised by all these phone calls. It was so incredible. But I especially wanted to thank Stéphane for making me benefit from this kitty. General information. Give my thanks to him and also to Jean Luc Reichmann for his visit”can we read

Stéphane will therefore have made the person happy, but he will not have the joy of immediately reaping the benefits. Bruno Hourcade, the biggest winner of the 12 noon shootouts, explained the reason to our colleagues from the USA. TV 2 Weeks. “These are checks to be cashed. We get it by mail once a month, on the air. For example, my first shot is that I won at the shows January 20-31, then the second shoot is scheduled for February, then March, and so on.announced Bruno, with a total prize pool of 1,025,107 euros. Added: “No, I have never made a check or money order for 700,000!”. Stéphane certainly didn’t have such a high jackpot, but he won’t be eligible for preferential treatment. Therefore, he will receive his earnings of 390,200 euros in 6 months for each month he has participated since August 2022. It has already started to receive gifts of digital objects, appliances, household appliances and cars worth 178,143 Euros. he even chose to gift one of his five cars for the birthday of his newly underage son.

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