10 citrus and fresh perfumes that smell clean that all my friends ask me about

“Perfume opens up infinite horizons. It appeals to the senses as well as the imagination. It works like an instinctive spell and at the same time is extremely subtle,” says businessman Nino Cerruti. Why is everyone talking about perfumes? that smell clean? The most characteristic notes are bergamot (the note is elegant, refined and easy to combine), mandarin (the fragrance is closely associated with the extract of the bitter orange flower) or lemon (perceived in the top notes with its lively effect and combines beautifully with fruity to show). , in addition to other ingredients. Reminding us of clean sheets, the coolness of the rain or mornings in the countryside in spring, they are inspired by nature and emphasize freshness throughout the day.

Pure scented perfumes are characterized by their aldehyde notes at the top (they are the ones that are captured by the scent in the first moments after application). Likewise, smelling clean is something provided by citrus and fresh perfumes, light but long lasting. If you’re looking for one and don’t know where to start, check out our selection of the best fresh and citrus perfumes that smell clean. You will love it!

The experts of the Perfume Academy explain that the ideal is to vaporize the perfume in those “strategic” points of our body, coinciding with the pulsating areas. It is those in which there is a pulse, that is, where our heartbeat is best perceived (those small vibrations of our wrist make it easier for the olfactory molecules to release gradually, so that the perfume smells more intensely and for longer).

Here you will find the best scents that smell clean, with citrus, floral and even woody notes. There’s something for all tastes (and all budgets), so if you’re thinking of changing your perfume and you love it light and fresh scentsTake a look at this gallery. With these options, everyone will ask you what you smell like. Get the card right now!

Source: Marie Claire

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