Cristina Pedroche announces that she will be presenting the Bells again, and she does so in a style that has already left us speechless.

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The countdown begins: almost 15 days later we will say goodbye to 2022 to give him welcome to 2023. Bell is an indispensable event in Spanish homes and although more and more young people prefer to watch the event on Twitch, Cristina Pedroche is the queen of the night. It’s already a tradition for the host to take part in this event with the crazy looks that are left behind every year. She announced again that she was joining a few hours ago. antenna 3and, as expected, his style set the nets on fire.

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couple of the year (again)

Speaking on TV, Alberto Chicote and Cristina Pedroche make up the couple of the year. The cook and presenter go back another year to present the bells, and for this occasion, Cristina has chosen a perfect two-piece to celebrate the holidays with originality, elegance and a touch of flair.

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Look Cristina Pedroche Bells 02

Choosing a two-piece model from Womance, her elongated fringed jacket with a glossy finish and matching wide-leg trousers become the perfect look to be a hit this Christmas.

Look Cristina Pedroche Bells 03

How could it be otherwise, her make-up enhanced her final look with a lower eyeliner made of gems. rhinestones.

A look created to destroy

If you are one of those who have not yet found the perfect “style” for these holidays, the Spanish proposal may be the solution. Of course, you will need a generous budget to get it. Although there is only a black version of this two-piece model of the brand, this jacket wants to accompany us every moment to create crazy and different combinations; trousers can also go perfectly with a simple cotton t-shirt.

Look Cristina Pedroche Bells 04

With Haute Couture and bright touches, the firm also offers a mono version that can knock out the cast.

Look Cristina Pedroche Bells 05

While Cristina Pedroche’s outfits in bells have always generated a lot of controversy and are the target of many memes, last year she outdid herself by choosing a look that reminded her of her figure. Manual PinA reference and collaboration in Spanish fashion that died in 1994 BUJ Studio and Manuel Albarrán.

Photos | Instagram @crispedroche, Women

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