This is the Mercadona product that went viral on TikTok and will drop you new pans like magic.

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If you grew up with Magia Borrás magic tricks as a kid and dreamed of destroying buildings in their purest form David CopperfieldToday, Mercadona presents a product that can succeed at any Little Pop Magician show. The supermarket chain, which knows that care must be taken to make the frying pans last a long time, is on the market. totally unexpected product this will leave our entire collection as shiny (and effortless) as the first day.

Magic, you’re deleting number 50, Educa Borrás.

Retail price in El Corte Inglés €14.99

Looks like pan cleaner, fireplace glass cleaner

It is well known that Mercadona is much more than a supermarket, when you go shopping you can buy perfumes, whitening products that mimic other luxury products, and even the famous Evening Primrose oil (pearl version). With these facilities, the chain has offered a chimney window cleaner whose use goes even further. This one by Bosque Verde is used to clean the tarnished glass of fireplaces, but TikTok has discovered a secret trick to leave pans like new.

Mercadona Pan Cleaner 04

Thoroughly cleaning the pan can turn into a nightmare, because sometimes the dirt is so settled that even hours of rubbing will not produce the desired effect. Oil accumulation and constant contact with heat cause our pans to disappear with the transition from use. As we mentioned earlier, RRSS has found that this product for cleaning fireplace panes is perfect for bringing our pans (literally) back to life.

Mercadona Pan Cleaner 03

Preheating them and pouring the product directly on the bottom of the pan will cause the oil and burnt parts to melt slowly. This TikTok user, rubbing with a sponge, shows us that this product can remove even the most hooked fat.

@maripelos68 Porbando product from Mercadona 🙂#limpiezasartenes #ordenylimpieza #limpiezadecasa ♬ FUTURE HOUSE – Sergey Wednesday

Once you know your oven cleaner, this new item retails for 3.50 Euros and can be your next (true) salvation.

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