Plans for the weekend of July 6-7: Party and Arabian night at Yauza

Plans for the weekend of July 6-7: Party and Arabian night at Yauza
Plans for the weekend of July 6-7: Party and Arabian night at Yauza

The first weekend of July is in town. Although the weather today was less than desirable, we are sure it won’t ruin your plans for this weekend. Moreover, we had both an abnormal heat wave and a sudden hurricane this week.

This weekend everything coincided: parties, guest brunches and even great weather. This will give you a good mood and energy boost, and we will give you ideas on how to make the most of your time.

Curtain x Yayza Place

This Friday, July 5, Act joins Yauza Place. Refreshing cocktails, a swimming pool and the headliner D’maselle, whose name is rarely heard in Moscow. ACT and YUZA invite everyone to the courtyard to dive into the atmosphere of a hot night with music, cocktails and dancing to their favorite songs. At the helm are only long-time favorites, famous and talented: D’maselle, Holymolly, Valdman, Andys, Beznosuk, This Two. Ticket prices will increase equally and will reach their peak by the end of the week

Address: Podkolokolny lane, 16 building 4

“Aina” hosts “Balt”

The restaurant will host joint brunches with the modern Baltic cuisine project on July 6 and 7. The restaurant is based on the culture of the Balts, the ancestors of all Baltic peoples, and the peculiarities of the Baltic region. Baltic chef Akhmed Okhunov uses natural and organic products in the kitchen, like the ancient tribes: wild fish, game, berries, herbs, products from local farmers, and live fire as the main cooking method: oven and grill.

Address: st. Ostozhenka, 14/2

Cocktail menu at The Greeks based on the cartoon “Arabian Nights”

This time we revealed the multifaceted Greece through the alluring East. The head bartender of Pinskiy & Co, Imam Gadzhimagomedov, inspired by the movie Aladdin, prepared something truly magical for the visitors – a fairy tale about love and adventures from childhood, a story that penetrates the hearts, now embodied in our cocktail menu. Nostalgia is guaranteed: try the new products and remember Sunday morning with the cartoon “Arabian Nights”.

Address: Neglinnaya, 15

Breakfast at Aga Restaurant

Aga has created a recipe for a perfect morning. All you need is variety, combining options for two and atmospheric meals. For example, a movie scene is created with a morning display of fresh pastries. There are blackcurrant cheesecakes on porcelain plates, cinnamon babka with orange syrup, apricot crostata and other dishes by head baker Daniil Dyachkov. The main breakfast menu includes baked milk cheesecakes with apple crumble and condensed milk cream, mini pancakes with seasonal fruits and whipped sour cream, homemade yogurt with granola and strawberries, and cream ganache with fresh fruits.

Address: St. Petersburg, Dobrolyubova Boulevard, 16 k2

Delivery from Patrikov and Athena

Treat yourself to a real Greek morning by ordering yogurt gözleme with feta cheese, eggs or shrimp, fried halloumi with walnuts and baklava with your coffee. Go on a Mediterranean picnic by adding baked eggplant with tahini and tomatoes, Greek salad, souvlaki and saganaki to your basket. Or organize a colorful Hellenic party by serving large plates of stuffed goat, octopus with tahini, chicken with tzatziki, artichoke with feta cheese and watermelon salad. The Greek “Athena” of Istomin-Losev-Pinsky sends not only the best food from the Patriarchate, but also its mood.

Chefs Likarion Solntsev and Paul Carroll prepare dishes with wild plants

The “Wild Dinner Festival” is being held in Krasnoyarsk for the second time and is gaining momentum. This Saturday, July 6, chefs Likarion Solntsev (Krasota, Moscow, IKRA, Ples) and Paul Carroll (“Polly”, Vladimir) came together to create, prepare and preserve the gastronomic code of Yenisei Siberia with its original tastes, unique recipes of different peoples, wild plants and endemics.

Living room of the MR Group in the Museum of Russian Impressionism

The “Diary of a Beautiful Life” exhibition, currently at the Museum of Russian Impressionism, has been complemented by an immersive living room by MR Group. The space will engage visitors’ primary senses: sight, hearing and smell. In the middle of the living room was an art object; silhouettes of four Symphony 34 towers connected by musical strings.

In the MR Group living room, you will be able to examine the archived issues of Capital and Estate magazines in digital format accompanied by the music of that period and get acquainted with albums on design and architecture.

Closing of the exhibition “Russia”

This weekend, the exhibition forum “Russia” at VDNKh will end its work. And on this occasion, tomorrow, July 6, a solemn ceremony will be held with performances by famous artists and musicians. By the way, over eight months, the exhibition was visited by more than 17 million people. Therefore, if for some reason you still did not have time to go there, do not miss the opportunity to do it at least last weekend.

A scene from the cartoon called “Puzzle 2”

“Puzzle 2”

“Inside Out 2” became the first movie of the year to exceed $1 billion. The new movie tells the coming-of-age story of a young girl named Riley, who faces new emotions as well as Joy, Sadness and Anger. Fear and Disgust were shown in the first movie. Thus, in the central section where all emotional processes are managed, Anxiety, Jealousy, Sadness, Shame and Nostalgia emerge.

Rebellion x Synergic

On Saturday, an event will be held in honor of the opening of the veranda and the launch of the partnership between the Rébellion Clubhouse Moscow café and the eco-brand Synergetic. At the finish line, there will be 5 and 10 km Eco Heroes Runs with healthy and tasty surprises from the brands. For example, you will be able to try the iced macadamia and coconut matcha latte drinks inspired by the Synergetic body product line, specially developed for the collaboration, and you will also receive a sticker pack as a gift.

Gathering of participants at 9:00 at Petrovsky Boulevard 8с1

Fonbase opening: Battles with 2DROTS, performances by Bushido Zho and Nedra

From July 7 to August 4, Luzhniki will host FONBASE, a new urban space for meeting and communicating with sports and cultural stars. The base will host football and basketball competitions, training sessions and sports master classes, as well as screenings of EURO 2024 matches and films from Okko, live shows by contemporary musicians and stand-up concerts. Fonbase will open on July 7 with daytime and evening programs.

In the evening, the author of the viral hit “Daleko” and the hero of the new trap, Bushido Zho, the magnificent rap artist NEDRA and the co-founder of the AVG formation Lesha Mironov will perform on the space stage. With a DJ set.

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