Wait, I haven’t taken any photos yet: Birkin and Moscow bun in autumn colors

Wait, I haven’t taken any photos yet: Birkin and Moscow bun in autumn colors
Wait, I haven’t taken any photos yet: Birkin and Moscow bun in autumn colors

Food is a true work of art. And we are sure that everyone who chooses food according to the picture knows this. They say that for a dessert to be more delicious, it should be photographed and published with the restaurant’s label. This is, so to speak, the price of success.

That’s why we created the “Wait, I haven’t taken any photos yet” section especially for you, our dear reader and aspiring food blogger. In it we will share beautiful desserts and cocktails that are not only delicious, but also receive thousands of likes and views on social networks.

Disclaimer: The material is not only sticky but also practical. We have collected all the addresses and prices here, so save it and use it as your guide to delicious Moscow.

Even though summer has come to the city, we still have a hard time depriving ourselves of desserts. Especially if they look like the new stuff from the CuttaCutta restaurant. There we found the perfect bun with the viral name Cutta’s bun, which managed to stand out on an already banned social network. It contains mascarpone cream, pineapple and macadamia nuts. Dessert is Instagrammable* and, of course, delicious. The important thing is not to think about calories. On the other hand, why? Popular wisdom says: “If it’s good, that means it’s tipped the scales.”

How much does it cost: 550 rubles.

Address: Bolshoi Kozikhinsky Road, 12/2

If there is one item that all women talk about, it is definitely the Birkin bag. This is hard to achieve and let’s be honest, it costs space. However, the product remained out of time and trends for many years. In the collaboration in June, “Coffeemania” and luxury lot trading platform Oskelly decided to make their dreams come true and give away the legendary Hermès Birkin 25 Gold bag. All you have to do is order the dessert, which will be available in all restaurants of the chain until June 30, and receive the envelope containing the promotional code that will allow you to participate in the special raffle.

By the way, the bag is not the only prize. Participants in the raffle will also have the chance to win 75 hand-painted Hermès silk scarves. So you know what to do. But most importantly, don’t forget to take photos so that you always have your Birkin with you.

How much does it cost: 990 rubles.

Let’s be honest, it is difficult to surprise Muscovites. Especially if they regularly go to new cafes and restaurants and try all the new menu items. But there is still something that can cause at least a drop of sensitivity. And oddly enough, this is about as simple as possible (preferably with a touch of nostalgia). Like the buns at Anchovy’s Club fish brasserie, for example. There’s nothing extra about them: just a sweet glaze on top and custard as a pairing.

How much does it cost: 470 rubles.

Address: Kolokolnikov street, 3, building 2

In 2020, when TikTok was still working in Russia and the whole world was in quarantine, videos went viral showing how to cook a wonderful dish from Camembert to replace going to a restaurant. It looks like the Camembert trend hasn’t gone away since then. An unusual version of making cheese was found in the Lado cafe. Here it is breaded, fried and served with red pepper and strawberry barbecue.

How much does it cost: 870 rubles.

Address: Krivokolenny Road, 9, building 2

What could be better than fruit? They only have freshly baked goods on the side. The Cape restaurant remembered that bread is everything and introduced a wide variety of buns to suit every taste. There are croissants and strawberry and fruit puff pastries. This set is suitable for all occasions, both for yourself and as a gift for a loved one.

How much does it cost: 2500 rubles.

Address: Bolshoi Palashevsky Street, 2

*Social networks Instagram and Facebook are prohibited in the Russian Federation. By court decision dated March 21, 2022, Meta was recognized as an extremist organization on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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