Tibetan zodiac sign Vuyku: find out your zodiac sign by birth month

In addition to the horoscopes familiar to us, there are many more unique systems that can tell many interesting facts about any person. A striking example of this is the Tibetan Wuyku sign, created by wise monks who described only four symbols instead of the traditional twelve. According to this teaching, we are talking about special divine creatures and their innate qualities.

We have already talked about the zodiac signs of the Druids, Aztecs, Scandinavians and ancient Slavs, now it is time to talk about the Tibetans, who associate character traits with zodiac signs different from the options we are used to. For example, there are only four zodiac signs in the Tibetan zodiac of Wuyku.

Astrologist Adelina Panina explained especially for The Fashion Vibes how to determine which Tibetan zodiac sign you are based on your birth month.

Adelina Panina, astrologer, tarot reader


January February March

A scene from the movie “Wizards and Wanderers”

According to Tibetan monks, during this period the most durable and powerful individuals who can earn a lot of money and achieve great success in their careers are born. These are ambitious, active and highly intelligent people; They easily overcome daily problems and never fall into stress or long-term depression. Spiders love a comfortable lifestyle, so they gladly take on the most difficult, but also the most promising projects that promise big money and growth. The only weakness of this sign is financial wastefulness, because it is very easy to part with hard-earned funds and often falls into excessive courage.


April May June

A still from the movie “Seven Years in Tibet”
A still from the movie “Seven Years in Tibet”

The second sign in the Tibetan horoscope of Vuyku is considered Ant, which fully corresponds to the essence of this insect. Their students stand out for their incredible study skills, intelligence and ability to work in a team. Ants are characterized by organization, the ability to work long and hard on a project, and an inexhaustible source of creative ideas. Such employees are highly respected and valued not only in the office but also at home, because they work hard to create comfort in the family. Unlike Spiders, Ants are more likely to spend the money they earn to please their loved ones, rather than on their own whims. This sign characterizes loyal and devoted family men who put family ties above all else.


July August September

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Under this sign, humorous, curious and insightful natures are born who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Sometimes people of this sign can go over their heads and “sting” those who get in their way. They justify their behavior with the principle of “survival of the fittest”, which is difficult to accept. At the same time, behind Scorpio’s ostentatious seriousness and strictness, there is a kind heart that will come to the aid of those in need. Wards of this sign are distinguished by good and strong health, partly because they never accumulate negativity in themselves. By directly and openly voicing his dissatisfaction out loud, Scorpio not only expresses his opinion, but also frees himself from many diseases that arise during the constant suppression of negative emotions.


October November December

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According to the Tibetan horoscope, at the end of the year, modest and weak-spirited people are born who hide under the shell when problems first arise. It is really difficult for turtles to withstand life’s difficulties, so they always look for a domineering partner who will protect them from all troubles. People of this sign have great difficulties in living independently because they do not know how to make responsible decisions and properly manage their finances. On the other hand, such a kind, compassionate and patient friend and lover cannot be found in all zodiac signs. If you are friends with the Turtle or in a relationship with him, make sure you find someone who will never betray. The only characteristic feature of the character of the sign is that it often suffers from excessive jealousy.

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