“It will ruin your career”: Chris Colfer had to hide his homosexuality on Glee

While filming Glee, Chris Colfer revealed that he was advised not to talk about his sexual orientation. Despite these warnings, his character Kurt has become an LGBT icon. A look at the journey of an actor who chose authenticity over his career.

When Chris Colfer landed the role of Kurt on the hit series Cheerfulnesshe had no idea the impact it would have, not only on his own life, but also on the lives of thousands of young LGBT people.

Fear of playing a gay character

At the start of Pride Month, the 34-year-old actor was invited to the set of The sight. It was there that he confided in himself the paradox of the role that made him famous. Pushed into the limelight by his character Kurt Hummel, a young gay high school student, Chris Colfer was ordered not to reveal his homosexuality. “Don’t reveal your homosexuality, it will ruin your career”he quotes, recalling the “advice” received from professionals in the sector.

Chris Colfer grew up in a conservative American town where coming out could be dangerous. On the set of The sightColfer remembers being terrified discovering in the script of Cheerfulness that his character, Kurt, was openly gay.

Despite these warnings, Colfer claimed that it was possible for him to hide his identity and orientation “I couldn’t hide it, with my voice…I’m more effeminate than most people. I couldn’t hide itthey were clear: as long as he did not openly express his sexual orientation, he would be rewarded.


Visibility: the only thing that matters

However, one defining moment changed everything for Colfer. While touring for the series, a little boy gave him an envelope. Inside, a thank you card with a chain of colored paper clips Rainbow. “At that moment I realized I had to come out.” Colfer remembers.

Aware of the potential consequences on his career, the young actor has decided to live openly:

“At the time I thought that yes, being an openly gay actor, maybe I would never win a major award. Maybe I'll never play a superhero. But being a source of positivity and providing comfort to people is much more important than fame."

Today Chris Colfer is much more than an actor. For many old fans of Cheerfulness, ; he is an icon of resilience for the LGBT community.

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