How does your diet affect the environment?

food ecology meat vegetarians

Today is World Environment Day and Ecologists Day. It’s no secret that industry harms the environment. Did you know that the production of some products that you think are healthy can be extremely dangerous for the environment? Even if you are a vegetarian, do not wear fur, drink cola and eat chips, you are supporting the destruction of nature. It seems like it’s time to tell the full truth about products that harm the environment.


food ecology meat vegetarians

Even if you eat only organic foods and the cows from which the meat is made live like they are in heaven, they are still one of the causes of environmental degradation. Due to the expansion of the livestock industry, methane levels in the atmosphere, mostly emitted by sheep, cows and pigs, are increasing every year. But this does not mean that you need to exclude meat completely. Do you remember how many times a week you eat meat products? Many people eat them almost every day, but scientists have found that the meat should not be eaten more than twice a week. If everyone starts to eat right, the scale of livestock farming will noticeably decrease and the condition of the environment will improve.


food ecology meat vegetarians

The fishing industry is among the most dangerous sectors of the food industry. Think about how much fuel ships spend to catch fish. The most “non-ecological” types of seafood are shrimp, lobster and other delicacies, since ships spend much more time and fuel to obtain them than to catch fish. The most “ecologically friendly” seafood are sardines, sprats and oysters.


food ecology meat vegetarians

Many people believe that plant foods are produced without harming the environment, but they are greatly mistaken. By giving up meat, you should compensate for the lack of protein with plant foods. And instead of eating a chicken breast, one eats mountains of salad and nuts, which are not so easy to grow. For example, four liters of water are required to produce one (!) almond. This is another example of the fact that you need to know moderation in everything.


food ecology meat vegetarians

To produce vegetables and fruits on an industrial scale, vast amounts of pesticides and other chemicals are used, which destroy the soil and make the plant itself much less useful. Not to mention the fuel costs of shipping from abroad. It is always better to choose slightly less attractive but environmentally friendly farm apples rather than the beautiful bulk imported apples from the supermarket. There are many stores that deliver farm products to your home: fermermag.ru, lukino.ru, fermer-food.ru, fermer66.ru, www.farmclub.ru, www.pitaigorod.ru and others.


food ecology meat vegetarians

How often do we leave uneaten food on our plate or carelessly throw away spoiled bread? But in some countries people are still starving. Think about what people in arid countries might say about your dripping faucet. Our planet’s resources are wonderful but limited. It is important to learn how to use them carefully so that everyone has enough food and water. Make it a rule to only buy enough food for the next three days, otherwise things could get worse. And next time your bread is all dry, remember this article and go out to feed it to the pigeons.

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