Diana Pozharskaya returned to the cinema after the break: details

Diana Pozharskaya returned to the cinema after a short break. The actress and the great love of Ivan Yankovsky are starring in a film produced by the Andreasyan Brothers Film Company.

Diana Pozharskaya. Photo: social networks

The name of the movie will be ‘Pretend you are my husband’. The leading roles are Dmitry Vlaskin, Pavel Priluchny, Sofia Zaika and others. The movie will be released on February 6, 2025.

A still from the movie “Imitate My Husband”

In the story, Victoria is an independent and successful businesswoman who receives a large contract from the United Arab Emirates. Literally before leaving, the girl learns that Arab partners work only with family people. But she does not intend to despair, so she accepts her subordinate Roman as her fiancé. Their duty now is to never betray their imaginary feelings.

Note that, according to Kinopoisk, the last movie starring Diana Pozharskaya was Liberea: Treasure Hunters. Its premiere took place in September 2022.

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