Jet lag: this eye contour will wake up your eyes, even if you accumulate tiredness

When we accumulate tiredness, the skin is also affected. And you notice, especially around the eyes, that dark circles can form… If this happens to you too, we have found the product that could solve this problem.

At night, the skin activates regeneration mechanisms to eliminate dead cells to make room for new ones. The problem is that lack of sleep can hinder this process and make the epidermis less efficient. Result? the veins swell with blood and dilate, not to mention the lymph which can accumulate a certain amount of waste which will have to be drained. Fortunately, there are products capable of acting on the heart of the skin to falsify a good sleep.


Announcement✨👁️ Thanks to @Summer Fridays for partnering with us in telling our beauty queens all about the new Jet Lag Overnight Eye Serum! If you know me, you know I LOVE my Jet Lag Mask from Summer Fridays, so when I heard they were franchising it you can imagine my excitement. 😂 Packed with super hydrating ingredients, this eye serum is a game-changer for tired eyes, offering nourishment and rejuvenation wherever your travels take you. Plus, its firming and smoothing properties target those pesky fine lines. You can bet it will become a staple in my travel bag from now on. A huge thank you to Summer Fridays for keeping my in-air skincare game strong! Available @sephora ✈️ #summerfridays #jetlagmask #skincare

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A cocktail of active ingredients to combat dark circles and fine lines

If you love discovering new and emerging brands, then you need to know about Summer Fridays. No, we are not talking about the Girls Need Love singer but about a label, created by Lauren Ireland and Marianna Hewitt. The latter is an influencer with no less than 1.1 million subscribers on Instagram. The brand, for its part, has 987 thousand subscribers on the same platform.

After having established itself in the beauty scene thanks to the Jet Lag Mask, a hyper-hydrating mask dedicated to air travel, the brand returns with a variation of this best-seller, this time dedicated to the eye contour.

But what’s different from the others? Well, if you’re familiar with the retinol sandwich method, this serum’s formula will probably speak to you. Very hydrating, it contains niacinamide which has the power to reduce the brownish appearance or purple what can dark circles look like.

It also contains retinol, an active ingredient ideal for smoothing fine lines and stimulating cell renewal. Finally, it has hydrating glycerin which maintains a strong hydrolipidic barrier and an optimal hydration level. To be applied only in the evening, it acts in the middle of the night to restore vitality to the gaze.

Obviously nothing can replace a good night’s sleep, but this product can certainly limit the consequences of insomnia or jet lag…


This eye serum is literally curing my jet lag 👀 ad available @Summer Fridays

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Buy your Jet Lag Night Eye Serum from Summer Fridays

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