Melodrama in the style of “Eat, Pray, Love”: touching premiere of the movie “Intertwined Fates”

On May 30, the movie “A Confusion of Fates” will be released in Russia. This is the film adaptation of the international bestseller “Plexus” written by Letizia Colombani, who served as director and screenwriter on the project. And the film’s music was created by Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi (which means a lot of good things will happen).

A frame from the movie “Convergence of Destiny”

Letizia Colombani said that the idea for the film came about thanks to her travels around the world. “I really love traveling and interacting with local women. “It always amazes me that we have to face various challenges every day,” he admitted.

A frame from the movie “Convergence of Destiny”

The plot of The Intertwining of Fates will revolve around three women whose destinies are unexpectedly connected.

The film stars Mia Meltzer, Saida Pathan, Danish Iqubal and others. We had previously written about ten new romantic comedies. See our selection here.

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