What items in the house show lack of self-confidence?

An apartment can say a lot about the character of its owner. Of course, it’s easy to understand that a person whose shelves are full of illustrated publications and superhero figures is interested in comic books. But there are other indicators that speak of deeper properties of the soul. Here are some red flags that indicate a person is depressed.

unmade bed

Natalie Portman in the movie “Hotel Chevalier”

Dirty linens reveal a person’s true attitude towards himself. Anyone who respects himself and his sleep will not sleep in a stale bed. Carefully making the bed in the morning is laziness, but a confident person is usually disciplined enough to do it. By the way, we have previously written about how often you should wash your bedding in order not to harm your health.

Colorful patterned towels

Balanced and wealthy people often prefer minimalism in their textile choices. But people with an active and creative spirit and a tendency to depression often choose something themed, for example, a towel with Chewbacca.

Photos, awards and portraits everywhere

Photos not only help preserve pleasant memories but also entertain our vanity. Pay attention, in the apartments of Russian celebrities often hang huge portraits that take up almost the entire wall. Rewards allow them to be reminded of their accomplishments and soothe their bruised egos in times of uncertainty and doubt. The abundance of decor also speaks of the desire to fill the internal space.

Dirty dishes in the sink

A person with low self-esteem does not bother with cleaning. If you come to visit someone whose dishes are crumbly and crumbly in the almost moldy water in the sink, you should sound the alarm.

Old and broken things

What is the difference between a vintage and antique item? Among the junk and antiques? First of all, the value of the first will not change over the years, and the value of the second will only increase. Just like collecting stamps, it makes sense to keep an archival item from a famous brand at home, but it’s better to throw away broken dishes and a worn-out sofa. Pathological desire to accumulate garbage in an apartment is an alarming symptom of Plyushkin syndrome associated with fear of poverty. The presence of junk in the house indicates the concern of the homeowner.

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