“Roaring and not stopping”: ST’s wife announced a new achievement for her youngest daughter

In January, rapper ST and his wife Assol became parents for the second time. The couple had a daughter named Elsa. The young mother talked about the first skills of her child on her personal blog.

ST and Assol. Photo: social networks

The blogger showed how her three-month-old daughter tried to get out of the cocoon on her own. Parents watched the baby’s movements from the side and did not help or hinder him. “Elsa is very stubborn. It’s really creeping. She growls and doesn’t stop. And she did! Went out. Stubborn tick,” commented Assol.

Withdrawn from social network Assol

Let us remind you that the model has previously revealed the details of postpartum recovery. As it turned out, the rapper’s wife gained extra weight, which she gradually began to get rid of.

Elsa is the couple’s second daughter. In 2020, a girl was born who her family named Estelle. The family shared the good news on their personal blogs by publishing a joint photo from the hospital.

Source: People Talk

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