7 unexpected ways to stay warm if the heating is already off at home

Spring is ending, but the sun is still in no hurry to delight us with its rays. Green leaves and blooming lilacs only mislead us. Luckily, “it was rainy” and most homes had already had their heating turned off. That’s why you feel like you’re in the freezer in offices and apartments this season. Wearing fur coats and winter sweaters is somehow inappropriate, but the time for light tops and shorts has not come yet. How to keep warm now if the temperature outside and inside is autumn? Let’s talk.

Hang thick curtains in your home

Charlize Theron in the movie “Sweet November”

Do not rush to remove thick curtains. After all, this is an excellent thermal insulator, which will create an additional protective layer against the flow of cold air from windows.

Add spice to your food

Spices have a warming effect, so add ground ginger, cloves, black pepper, nutmeg or other spices to the cup when brewing tea or coffee. This will not only give the drink a pleasant aroma, but also “stimulate the blood” and warm the body in bad weather. Also consider garlic, paprika and wasabi, which can be added to porridges and soups.

Wear several layers of clothing

It is better to wear several thin clothes rather than one warm outfit. Oddly enough, but it is this multi-layered “cabbage” that allows you to retain heat longer.

Massage yourself and move

Massage, especially with oil, will improve blood circulation and warm the body, but if the situation is not suitable for this, try to move more. Get some exercise. Pay special attention to your limbs! To prevent your fingers from freezing, warm them under your armpits or sit on them.

Use breathing exercises

Try belly breathing. This practice of Buddhist monks allows you to use the body’s innate ability to produce heat. To do this you need to visualize the internal fire in the stomach. There is another way to warm up by doing breathing exercises. For example, Nemi breathing is a technique of breathing forcefully through the nose while pulling the navel towards the spine. You need to stick your belly out as you inhale and pull it in as you exhale. You can activate your solar plexus chakra by doing which movement for 30 seconds?

Prepare a warm foot bath

Keep your feet warm! Wear warm long socks or tights to work, and keep a basin of slightly warm water for your feet at home. It will cool quickly in a cold apartment, so be sure to change it. But don’t overdo it.

Hug more often!

You’ve probably noticed that girls freeze faster than boys? And many people’s hands are always cold. What is important are the characteristics of blood circulation. Hug more often to stay warm.

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