How are the chakras and one’s financial abilities connected?

“The only thing most people think about when it comes to money is to work as hard as they can,” said Robert Kiyosaki, investor and bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Indeed, most people are barely scraping by to earn their hard-earned money. This is why multi-billionaires attract so much attention.

What kind of lifestyle do rich people follow? Is it really possible to increase cash flow with meditation practices? How are chakras and financial abilities connected?

Astrologist Julia Gikis answered these questions exclusively for The Fashion Vibes, telling how to activate the chakras responsible for financial well-being and explaining what needs to be done to mobilize energy and increase finances using the example of successful people.

Julia Gikis, astrologer

What are chakras and how can you use them to improve your health?

Chakras are human energy centers. It is believed that the vital energy we need to fill is located in the chakras. Chakra can be minus or plus, the person’s behavior and physical condition depend on it.

The lower or root chakra is responsible for human immunity and vitality. This is called muladhara and the planet Saturn affects the chakra. Therefore, after working with Saturn from an astrological perspective, you can strengthen your root chakra. Make sure you are self-motivated, determined, and focused on yourself, not other people’s problems.

However, energy can be directed to the positive through harmonious sexual activity and daytime sleep, contact with the earth and physical activity in the system.

You can work with red color. It is the muladhara that is considered central – the fact is that the chakra awakens other centers if a person is ready to develop spiritual development and get rid of material dependence.

There is also a chakra that is responsible for money and responsibility. But in conclusion from the above we can say that if the muladhara is not awakened and there is no impulse to other centers, then no matter how much you awaken the manipura chakra, there will be no energy in this center. So to start working on the energy of money, we first work on the root center. So you just need to give up material desires.

“I earn money so that I can eat and live another day” – with such thoughts and goals, unfortunately, you can only block the chakra.

We must understand why I was created and what my spiritual values ​​are. If there are financial problems and a person’s basic needs are limited or, on the contrary, there is an obsession with money, these are signs of energy depletion.

What should be done to activate the money chakra?

Manipura chakra is responsible for material well-being. It is ruled by Mars. Therefore, to overcome this, we start with ourselves. Let’s move on to success. You must learn to control your will and patience. A malfunction in the chakra leads to debts and financial situations, disagreements and stomach pain. Planet Mars gives us information about leadership and discipline through the chakra. You can be negative if you allow others to evaluate you or devalue all of your work.

The following will help activate financial flow through examining the chakras:

– Running and dancing

— Walking in the forest

— Meditation

— Creative activities

— Use of aromatic oils

– Healthy foods

Energy can be supported through fire meditation. So, you don’t need to sit in the lotus position like yogis: just look at the dancing lights of the flame and concentrate on how you want to see life and yourself in this world. Fire often encourages creativity. Special aromatic oils such as orange, cardamom, fennel, grapefruit will help you relax during meditation.

So, to strengthen the energy of money or get rid of debt difficulties, you need to work with the energy of two chakras (muladhara and manipura).

Please note that successful entrepreneurs adhere not only to a certain daily routine, but also to a diet. For example, Pavel Durov prefers herbal teas over tea and coffee and has completely stopped consuming alcohol and fast food. At the same time, the founder of Telegram has repeatedly admitted that he is interested in medicine, does a lot of training and meditates. This allows your mind to focus on priority tasks and generate creative ideas.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also prefers to activate the chakras with a healthy lifestyle. For example, he does not hesitate to start his breakfast with an exotic dish such as octopus. The businessman thinks that it is harmful to eat in a hurry, as it is harmful to digestion.

Strangely, the muladhara chakra is activated when we shift our focus from material values. If a poor man thinks about the amount of money, then a rich man always knows how to use the resources he has now. This is expressed in everything.

Rich people care about quality of life, so instead of multiple meals, they can buy healthier ones for the same price. The trend to abandon status items is gaining momentum. Millionaires are no longer obsessed with buying yachts, real estate and cars. Wildberries founder Tatyana Bakalchuk, for example, admitted that she was shortsighted in investing in material things.

“It seems to me that it is no longer fashionable to want cars, fur coats and yachts. Normal people have long understood that these are not obvious values,” admitted Tatyana Bakalchuk, head of Wildberries, who is recognized as the richest woman in Russia and whose capital is estimated at $ 7.2 billion as of January 2024.

Of course, not everyone in the business environment adheres to this lifestyle. Former US President and businessman Donald Trump and Tesla and SpaceX chairman Elon Musk do not like physical activity at all and love junk food. However, there is a nuance here. Firstly, they initially grew up in wealthy families, secondly, other chakras responsible for cash flow may become active. Thus, Vishuddha chakra, which is responsible for a person’s relationship with society, also affects earnings. It is enough to develop eloquence, engage in creativity and tell the world about your ideas, talents and ambitions. It is enough to remember how Musk and Trump love to communicate with a wide audience on social networks. As we see, this also brings tangible success.

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