“As long as the heart beats”: Zepyur Brutyan published new romantic photos with Pavel Priluchny

The 28-year-old actress loves showing off her family paradise. It seems that time has not affected the relationship between Zepyur Brutyan and Pavel Priluchny. He shared another cute photo of himself and his wife on social media.

Pavel Priluchny and Zepyur Brutyan. Photo: social networks

The artist published three photos on Stories. The wives shine with happiness in the mini selection. Zepyur puts his hand on his lover and puts pressure on her. The main “major” of the country smiles with satisfaction. The actor wrote “As long as the heart beats…” under the photo.

Pavel Priluchny and Zepyur Brutyan. Photo: social networks

Let us recall that Zepyur Brutyan gave birth to Pavel Priluchny’s son Mikael almost a year ago. The artist recently showed how the baby took his first steps. A child walks hand in hand with his famous father.

Previously, Pavel Priluchny posted a funny video with his wife and daughter Mia from Agata Muceniece. The ex-spouses also have a common son named Timofey. His ex-wife’s children often visit the artist’s house.

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