The President’s Favorite Books That Will Surprise You

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Some books affect the formation and general upbringing of a person. And it’s amazing how the same job can be perceived differently in different periods of life. Especially when it comes to classic cult works. Reading in general is a new trend, so we personally in the The Fashion Vibes editorial office no longer miss the opportunity to get acquainted with new works and significantly expand our horizons.

Now we, like no one else, know how difficult it is to choose a book with which you would not mind spending an evening. From time to time, we are interested in works that celebrities might fall in love with. On the eve of the presidential elections, we wondered which books were able to influence the head of state and get into the list of “favorites”.

We are talking about five works that Vladimir Putin often mentions at official press conferences. Rest assured, some of them will definitely surprise you.

“The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Since childhood, the future president liked the philosophical fairy tale about a boy traveling the planets. As Vladimir Putin himself said, he even learned this job by heart in his youth. In the story, the Little Prince lives on his small planet and goes on a journey where he meets characters that influence his attitude towards life. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s work is considered a classic and remains a best-selling children’s book. True, the fairy tale itself will interest not only children but also adults.

A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

The President noted the works of Ernest Hemingway and “A Farewell to Arms!” He has repeatedly admitted that he is a big fan of his work. It is one of his favorite books. The plot takes place during the First World War. The main character of the novel is a soldier, he finds his love and his life changes. The romantic streak comes to the fore here, but there is a serious test ahead that can interrupt it at any moment.

“War and Peace”, Leo Tolstoy

The famous work is among the books that the president said shocked him. Leo Tolstoy’s epic novel about the life of Russian society during the war with Napoleon is one of the most important works of not only Russian but also world literature. The book touches on many important themes: friendship, love, and duty. Moreover, the whole story is filled with the confrontation between war and peace, not only in the global sense, but also in the mental changes of each hero.

“Twelve Months” by Samuel Marshak

We are sure that this selection work may create a surprise, but the background will put everything in its place. In one of his conversations with journalists, the President said that he read this tale to his grandchildren. According to the story, all the Twelve Moons met on New Year’s Eve and helped the girl, who was sent into the forest in winter by her evil stepmother, to get snowdrops for the queen. In general, we strongly recommend that you re-read this work as an adult to pay attention to details that you did not know as a child. For example, the fairy tale clearly shows a military theme, as it was written during the battle of Stalingrad to at least slightly distract children and their parents from disturbing thoughts.

“Rubaiyat”, Omar Khayyam

Our President frequently quotes poets, writers and philosophers in his official speeches. One of the head of state’s favorite authors is Omar Khayyam, whom he rereads periodically. Moreover, as the president himself said, this poet’s books save him from his bad mood. Vladimir Putin often re-reads Rubai. In fact, journalists once caught him copying quotes from this book.

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