‘I have to sleep with Baldwin’: Sharon Stone tells what producer forced her to do

Sharon Stone. Photo: Getty Images

Hollywood star Sharon Stone has repeatedly spoken out about discrimination against women at Dream Factory. This time, the actress made a shocking confession that producer Robert Evans demanded she have sex with her co-star in the movie “Sliver” (1993), William Baldwin. The Guardian writes that, according to the Hollywood mogul, this was meant to create “chemistry” between them on screen.

The artist first shared the story in his 2021 memoir but did not reveal the identities of those involved. Stone has decided to stop being silent. “Evans is running around his office with his sunglasses on, explaining that he slept with Ava Gardner and I should sleep with Billy Baldwin because then his performance will be better,” Sharon shared.

Sharon Stone. Photo: Getty Images

The celebrity did not understand why it would be impossible to find another actor who could play the role as well as Baldwin if he could not “open up”. As a result, the artist did not succumb to the producer’s persuasion and rejected his offer. After this incident, Sharon Stone began to be seen as a “difficult actress”.

Let’s remember that Sharon Stone became famous in the 1980s and 90s by starring in the films “Total Recall”, “The Mighty”, “Casino” and “Basic Instinct”. She later starred in the films “Catwoman”, “Lovelace” and “Basic Instinct 2”. Later, the actor moved on to roles on television.

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