Which plastic surgeries do football players undergo most?

It turns out that athletes use the services of plastic surgeons no less than celebrities. There are many examples like this among famous football players. We talked to a plastic surgeon about which surgeries they perform most frequently.

Dmitry Zimin, plastic surgeon


If we talk about active athletes, as a rule, these are public people. This means they need to look the part. They often seek correction of congenital characteristics. For example, protruding ears. Nothing but a scalpel can fix this. In good hands, no traces of manipulation will remain, but the shape of the ears will become more harmonious.


Rhinoplasty is also very popular. After all, the nose is not only aesthetic but also a breathing function. And many people have this disorder. During physical activity, the respiratory rate increases and nothing should interfere with this to prevent oxygen starvation. And no one excludes injury: the nose is the area that suffers most when playing sports. Of course, the more famous an athlete is, the more often he can be seen in a beautician’s office. Because it has to look good.


If we talk about former athletes, this is a category of people who are already accustomed to being in good shape. However, the coach is no longer standing over them and this often makes them relax. Although the desire to look good still does not leave them. For this reason, there are requests for liposuction and liposculpture on the abdomen, sides and lower back.


Athletes also react quite sharply to excess weight, as well as to age-related changes. Therefore, after completing their careers, they often resort to blepharoplasty and endoscopic lifting procedures. In general, like any public.

Athletes before and after plastic surgery

Sergio Ramos, defender of Paris Saint-Germain and the Spanish national team, suffered breathing problems due to multiple nose injuries. For a long time, he could only breathe through his mouth until he had rhinoplasty.

Cristiano Ronaldo is perhaps the most striking example of male cosmetology among athletes. Although he denies any surgical intervention, when you look at his photos from his youth and now, the changes in his appearance are clearly visible. The Portuguese football player most likely had rhinoplasty, forehead lift surgery and corrected the shape of his face.

Real Madrid player Gareth Bale was often mocked for the impressive size of his ears. Therefore, when he started his professional football career and became more known, he decided to have ear surgery. Since then, its popularity and the number of promotional offers have grown even more.

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