Aya Nakamura: after the controversy surrounding her participation in the Olympics, Rachida Dati reacts harshly

Suffering from racist and misogynistic harassment from the far right, Aya Nakamura has received a lot of support from artists in recent days. Even politicians are slowly coming out of the closet, such as the Minister of Culture, Rachida Dati.

Since when have rumors been circulating that Aya Nakamura will sing Edith Piaf at the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games, the singer is the target of a wave of racist hatred from the far right. Little by little, support for the most listened to French-speaking singer in the world accumulateparticularly by members of the government.

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After the Minister of Sport and the Olympic Games, Amélie-Oudéa Castéra, who published on her X account: “ No matter how much we love you, dear Aya Nakamura, with you », and then sang some notes of the hit “Djadja”, the Minister of Culture Rachida Dati he also spoke.

On Tuesday 12 March, during a Senate hearing, he warned “pretexts to attack someone out of pure racism”referring to the numerous attacks suffered by the singer from far-right personalities or small groups. “ Attacking an artist for who she is is unacceptable, it’s a crime »continued the minister.

-Aya Nakamura thanks her community

In addition to some support from political figures, Aya Nakamura has been able to count on the support of many artists to defend her in recent days. Particularly that of the director Thomas Jollyresponsible for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, which he said on his networks “deeply shocked by the racism suffered by Aya Nakamura”.

Without confirming or denying the singer’s participation in the ceremonies, he promises that the latter “will speak out against all forms of discrimination. » On her X account, Aya Nakamura thanked her community “for support” received. All always with a pinch of humor: “ I have the impression that I introduced Edith Piaf to you and that she was reincarnated in me. The rest, whether they like us or not, is their support. »

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