The 6 most popular perfumes of spring

In a few days there will be the great return of spring (at least in theory). The opportunity to treat yourself to a new, lighter and more delicate perfume that will transport you from one season to the next in just a few sprays. Here are 6 of them.

Whoever says spring says renewal. To score yours, discover 6 fragrances that will allow you to fully embrace the sunny person in you!

Neroli Plein Sud perfume by Guerlain


New from Guerlain, Neroli Plein Sud is a spicy and woody fragrance with a great personality. Sulphurous, it transforms organic neroli from Morocco into an intoxicating essence thanks to nuances of wood, orange blossom and spices (turmeric, cinnamon and ginger). The latter takes us in the footsteps of a certain Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who whispered the idea for the iconic perfume in Guerlain’s ear Night flight.

Glossier You perfume by Glossier


Glossier You is one of the perfumes for the skin, these very discreet fragrances, which adapt to your natural perfume reminiscent of the smell of a freshly washed sheet. If you like to smell clean, this is clearly the perfume for you. Stackable with other juices like musk, it can also be worn alone, which gives it a more confidential side. Featuring an ingredient that enhances your natural scent, this juice will earn you tons of compliments every day.

Eden Sparkling Lychee perfume by Kayali


Gourmet, fruity and sweet at the same time, the Eden Sparkling Lychee perfume by Kayali mixes within it the divine smell of sweet lychees, spicy blackcurrants and candied violets. Imagined by Mona Kattan, founder of the brand in collaboration with senior perfumer Gabriela Chelariu, this fragrance is inspired by a trip to Thailand undertaken by the latter. The result is a vibrant, sweet and exotic fragrance that pairs perfectly with the arrival of sunny days.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia perfume by Gucci


The essence of magnolia blends in this third perfume from Gucci’s Flora Fantasy collection, with accords of blackberry essence and patchouli essence to create Gorgeous Magnolia. A young and sparkling fragrance that embodies the floral bouquet you need to accompany your spring.

Do Son perfume by Diptyque


How can we describe Do Son in a way that honors the complexity of its nuances? Imagine a perfume that combines the freshness of orange blossom, deep amber wood, jasmine and tuberose, get it? This divine and enchanting perfume was created by the Diptyque team to pay homage to Yves Coueslant, one of the founders of the brand, who spent all his summers in Indochina as a child. An intoxicating, mixed and present fragrance, which strangely recalls the quite universal smell of a flowery spring morning.

The orange blossom perfume by L’Essence des notes


Elegant and balanced, L’essence des notes orange blossom is not just a perfume, it is also a great way to breathe, take a step back and calm down. Thanks to a blend of 4 essential oils with anti-stress properties, this perfume transports you to the Mediterranean, and more precisely to Grace, where it was created.

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