Vladimir Putin’s interview with Dmitry Kiselev. Mother

Russian journalist and host of the “News of the Week” program, Dmitry Kiselev, conducted a long interview with Vladimir Putin for Rossiya 1 TV channel and RIA Novosti. We have collected the main statements of the President of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin. Photo: still from the interview

• Russia has funds for the implementation of the country’s development plan, announced during the Speech to the Federal Assembly. Everything follows budget rules.

• In 2018, it was planned to allocate 8 trillion additional resources to the development of the economy and social sphere, but later these expenditures increased.

• The construction plan of the 130 kilometer long Sochi-Dzhubga highway is required. There are several implementation options, they will be discussed in the coming days.

• It is very important to develop the regions in the south of the country.

• The country’s economy is growing even during the North American Economic Development period; This is a fact recorded by international economic and financial organizations.

• Russia ranked fifth in purchasing power parity, surpassing the Federal Republic of Germany.

• If development continues at the same pace, Russia has a chance to replace Japan and become the world’s fourth economy.

• One of today’s main tasks is to increase labor productivity. Today there are 10 robots for 10 thousand workers, the target is 1000 robots for 10 thousand workers.

• 20 more engineering schools are planned to be opened this year. These aspects are the future of the country.

• There are no plans to establish a special body to monitor sanctions.

• Sanctions against Russia are unfair competition between enemies hiding behind some political considerations or military nature.

• They thought they could bring about the end of Russia with the help of sanctions, wars and weapons in the West. Instead of strategic defeat came the understanding that they faced powerlessness.

• If the US tests nuclear weapons, I do not rule out that we could do the same.

• The Russian nuclear triad is more modern than other triads. The Russian Federation has made much more progress here than the Americans. “They are developing all their components. Us too. But this does not mean that they are ready to start this nuclear war tomorrow. We are ready”.

• American troops on Russian soil are intrusive.

• Small European states are calling for a tougher policy against Russia, including the deployment of troops. After all, these are states that will not feel the consequences of their provocative statements. However, those who can feel this act much more moderately.

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