5 books about Princess Diana that will make you cry

Princess Diana’s personality still continues to excite millions of people around the world. His tragic departure is shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories. She was called the “Queen of People’s Hearts” and was compared to Marilyn Monroe, another famous blonde who died unexpectedly at the peak of her fame and had a tremendous impact on pop culture. She was involved in charity work and was a style icon. Diana became the mother of the heirs to the British crown – Princes William and Harry, but her personal life cannot be called very happy. We previously wrote about which books Diana Spencer read. Now we tell you what you can read about him to learn more about his bright but short life.

“The Diana I Knew” by Marie Robertson

Princess Diana. (Photo: Legion-media.ru)

In her memoirs, Marie Robertson describes how she hired 18-year-old Diana Spencer as a nanny for her son Patrick. Of course, then the woman could not imagine that the shy and sweet blonde, for whom she paid 5 pounds an hour, would become the wife of the heir of Great Britain. The book is interesting because it shows the princess of the future very young and naive, but also open and with a big heart. Many events in his life will impress sensitive readers.

“Diana” by Tina Brown

This book was written by journalist Tina Brown, who knew Diana Spencer personally. The biography is compiled from more than 250 interviews at different periods of his life. It contains not only interesting facts that you will not find in other sources, but also psychological portraits of the Windsors. In addition, the author impartially presents to the public both the advantages and disadvantages of his hero.

Diana: Her True Story by Andrew Morton

At one time, this biography of Lady Di caused a real sensation, since it was written with her direct participation. The book is more about the Princess of Wales’s unhappy marriage to Charles, her mother-in-law, the late Queen Elizabeth II. It resembles a confession in which he honestly describes his relationship with Elizabeth, his life at Windsor Palace, his endless fears, and his shattered hopes. dreams.

“Princess Diana. Queen of people’s hearts. What she is trying to tell us with her images”, Eloise Moran

Why did Diana Spencer have a collection of t-shirts with slogans on them? Did the Princess of Wales really love tartan clothes that much? Why did she love jewelry so much and why did she wear it with her spafir engagement ring? These questions are answered in the book research by blogger and fashion expert Eloise Moran, who analyzed thousands of photos and images of the royal. It’s not just about the revenge dress and other iconic images. The author also relied on the words of the heroine herself and her stylists, so readers will learn how fashion became Diana’s way of communicating with the world.

“Royal Duty” by Paul Burrell

Inside information about life at Buckingham Palace often comes from the servants. Therefore, the princess’s butler Paul Burrell was an eyewitness to many events, which is why his book is of particular interest. There are three chapters in total: In the first, the author introduces the reader to royal protocol and royal routine; in the second and most detailed part, he talks about the details of Diana’s personal life, including provocative details; In the third, about the trial on the charges against the author.

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