This bag is every girl’s dream. What does it look like and why is it popular?

One of the bags that all the girls liked the most this season is a model from the Alaïa brand, codenamed Le Teckel, which means “Dachshund” in French. This comparison is explained by the shape of the bag: long, narrow and with a long handle. The brand offered a multitude of colors, from classic black to trendy chocolate and red.

The popularity of this model is due to its atypical but truly convenient shape: roomy and at the same time quite compact, with comfortable handles that allow you to carry it both on your shoulder and in your hand. It should be said that such bag models have been very popular among designers for many years and the Alaïa “dachshund” further strengthens the effect of this trend.

Nowadays, brands are experimenting with sizes, offering us both miniature options for going out and larger models for every day.

This bag will fit easily into any wardrobe and will look harmonious with different looks, which cannot be said for other trendy models. Some wear it with sweatpants, some wear it with a formal office look. Some complement it with various key chains and accessories, while others prefer minimalism. There are no restrictions in the choice of color either, because today’s fashion approves of everything.

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