Palestine: Hunter Schafer arrested for demonstrating with anti-Zionist Jews

Like about fifty other protesters, the 25-year-old actress was arrested during a demonstration for Palestine, organized by a collective of anti-Zionist Jews. Their goal: to call on US President Joe Biden to order a ceasefire

The famous Jules in EuphoriaHunter Schafer was arrested and taken into custody this Monday, February 26 for participating in a pro-Palestine demonstration in New York, as reported Expiration.

A collective of anti-Zionist Jews

There were around fifty demonstrators gathered in front of the NBC headquarters in New York. That day, the channel welcomed US President Joe Biden as part of the show Late Night with Seth Meyers. The actress had thus joined the group of anti-Zionist Jewish protesters called Jewish voice for peace.

Hunter Schafer wore a T-shirt calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Behind her we read on a banner: “Jews to Biden: Stop weaponizing genocide.” »

In a post on Instagram he encourages the president, the collective Jewish voice for peace She said :

The president must begin listen to the American peopleAND no, the far-right Israeli government which indiscriminately bombs the population of Gaza, destroying 70% of the infrastructure, including hospitals, universities and water and electricity networks.

Hunter Schafer was photographed with her hands tied behind her back as a police officer escorted her. She was then released a few hours later, sporting a radiant smile praised by many people on X.

The day after the immolation of an American soldier

This mobilization is far from being an isolated case. The day before this rally outside NBC, Aaron Bushnell, a 25-year-old American soldier, set himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in Washington. In the video of his gesture shot live on Twitch, the young man declared: “Compared to what the Palestinians are suffering at the hands of the colonizers, my act is not extreme at all. » In the video of the immolation, the young man is seen catching fire and then screaming in pain three times. “Liberate Palestine. » The soldier died from his wounds the next day.

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