Strength test: Evie showed a teaser scene from the drama “First Class”

They say that when a child is born, the mother’s personal interests come last on the list of priorities. And you can forget about friendship altogether, especially when it comes to St. When it comes to going to the best school in St. Petersburg.

A frame from the movie “The Nature of Love”.  Photo: press service
A frame from the movie “The Nature of Love”. Photo: press service

Three best friends: penniless St. St. Petersburg intellectual Tanya, career-obsessed provincial Anya and the businessman’s spoiled but melancholy wife Lena will sacrifice everything in the new series of the online cinema Ivy “First Class”. their children’s distinguished St. Petersburg gymnasium “Kulturnoye”. Will friendship be stronger than the desire for status and prestige? We will find out very soon.

Well, while we wait for the premiere, let’s watch the teaser scene and choose which of the three friends we will support.

Stars of the series: Artem Bystrov, Mikhail Troynik, Elena Lyadova, Rostislav Berschauer, Nikita Efremov, Stasya Miloslavskaya, Artem Tkachenko, Alexandra Rebenok and others.

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