What gifts did Russian poets and writers give?

Two holidays that simultaneously inspire awe, joy for the upcoming weekend, and spine-tingling fear are just around the corner: February 23 and March 8. It would seem, what could be terrible in these calendar days? The answer, or rather the question, arises at the most inopportune moment, when the celebration is no more than a few days away: what to give?

Of course, you can limit yourself to the classic choice in the form of exquisite socks and a luxurious bouquet purchased on the way from work, but we would like to remind you that 2024 is a karmic year, so do not be surprised. For your birthday, get gifts of the same category and similar monetary equivalent. Therefore, we decided to follow the rule in the new year – forewarned, forearmed and prepared for the holiday in advance. And this time, we went back in time and turned to Russian writers and poets for inspiration, because in our humble opinion, creative people give the strangest yet thoughtful gifts that you won’t want to regift.

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The relationship between the famous poet and his muse Lily Brik does not seem to need any introduction or story. His admiration and love for high society permeated all his work and personal relationships. So, in addition to writing numerous poems and letters with the signature “puppy”, Mayakovsky lived in the same apartment with Lilya and her husband and often gave expensive gifts, but one of his gifts deserves special attention. As a sign of his love, the poet gave Lila an unusual signet ring, on which the initials of the muse’s full name “LYB” were engraved. The letters were arranged in a loop to form an endless “love”.

Despite his appearance and harsh, gloomy work, Dostoevsky was a very sensitive father and husband who loved to pamper his family with expensive gifts. The author often brought exquisite things from his trips abroad, such as “a cute doll and teapot set” for his daughter or “a big pipe” for his son. Unfortunately, many gifts at home did not last long. Due to his gambling addiction, he often had to use them to pay off his debts.

What to give to the person who has everything? The correct answer is yourself. This is exactly what Vasily Zhukovsky, the poet and part-time mentor of Alexander Pushkin, thought. On the day when the poet finished “Ruslan and Lyudmila”, she presented him with her portrait with the words: To the victorious student of the defeated teacher, on that extremely solemn day when he finished the poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. 1820, March 26, “Good Friday.”

And from his travels in Europe, he brought to Pushkin the pen with which Johann Goethe wrote Faust. Alexander bought a red box specially for himself and kept it in a visible place.

We understand that the talent of the prose writer pales a little against the background of rings and portraits, but, to tell the truth, it is not the gift itself that is important, but the attention. So Lermontov gave his fellow soldier Alexander Gavrilovich Remi a cigarette case with a picture of a hunting dog. Now Tarkhany is kept in the museum reserve.

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