Paris: before the 2024 Olympics, 5 exhibitions on sport, at the museum and elsewhere

The Olympic Games are just around the corner! The perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the varied world of five Parisian exhibitions designed for sports, history or even art enthusiasts. From the beginnings of the 1922 Women’s World Games, to exploring the link between fashion and sport, to the celebration of women’s cycling, each exhibition offers a new perspective on the passion for sport in all its forms.

As the Olympic Games approach, the City of Lights invites the curious and sports enthusiasts to explore the evolution of this all-consuming passion over time. Get ready to dive into the heart of history, fashion and even urban art, all environments closely linked to sport.

1. Fashion and sport, from one podium to another – Museum of Decorative Arts

Fashion and sport, two seemingly opposite worlds, merge in this explosive exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts. Through more than 450 pieces, the journey traces the evolution of sportswear and its influence on contemporary fashion. From the creations of high fashion pioneers to the cutting-edge designs of today, we immerse ourselves in a visual stroll that transcends the boundaries between elegance and athleticism.

From From 20 September 2023 to 7 April 2024.

2. The 1922 Women’s World Games – INALCO

Go back in time to August 1922where Alice Milliat was launched the first women’s World Games, an initiative that has since become a symbol of women’s sport. An exhibition in Paris pays homage to this historic event, mixing sport and feminism to celebrate a century of female deeds. A dive into history not to be missed.

1922 Women's World Games // Source: BNF
1922 Women’s World Games

From Monday 12 February 2024 to 7 March 2024.

3. Women on bicycles – 7th arrondissement town hall

At the dawn of a historic Olympic year, the exhibition Women on bicycles highlights the women’s cycling and its impact on daily life. Through the portraits of 22 Parisian female cyclists, the exhibition celebrates the diversity of cycling, capturing the independence, overcoming of oneself and the enthusiasm inherent in this sporting practice. Eva Cordioli, project manager, confides:

“The bicycle transcends its simple function as a means of transport to become a real one vector of emancipation and liberation. Through long bike rides, I reconnect with my spirit, feeling deep gratitude for the immeasurable benefits this practice offers me.

It is not simply a physical activity, but an experience that nourishes my inner being, freeing me from everyday constraints and allowing me to discover new horizons, both external and internal. »

From 29 February to 13 March 2024.

4. SPOT24, the Olympic urban sports exhibition for Paris 2024

At the foot of the Eiffel Tower, SPOT24 offers an immersive experience on urban sports of the Paris 2024 Games. Skateboarding, climbing, freestyle BMX, 3×3 basketball, surfing and breaking come to life through original works by renowned artists. Co-production between “Paris je t’aime” and the Olympic Museum of Lausanne, this exhibition offers an innovative look at sporting practices born on the streets.

spot 24 // Source: URL
spot 24 // Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKIMhKgKEW8&list=PL0C387vQHGNdFZ9a6gZaRppfb7AEyGbT3&t=9s

From 31 December 2023 to Tuesday 31 December 2024.

5. PAIRING. Design and sport – Luxembourg Museum

From March 13 to August 11, the Luxembourg Museum hosts the exhibition ENCOUNTER. Design & sport – a story aimed at the future. Explores the role of design in the evolution of sport, focusing on the contributions of great designers in sectors such as automotive and ready-to-wear. A dive into the timeless combination of design and sporting performance.

From March 13th to August 11th.

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