Unexpected peak: 5 stars thought to be aliens

What? Yes! There are many conspiracy theories floating around the internet, but this is our favorite. They say that there are so-called aliens in every industry: in fashion Kate Moss is called “extraterrestrial”, in cinema this title went to Tilda Swinton, and there are aliens in music too. We are talking about them.


Even the singer’s producer, Sergei Pudovkin, said: “Every real, great talent actually has an extraterrestrial origin.” However, what convinced the audience of the artist’s foreignness was his unique voice and high-pitched notes, which no one before him could produce, rather than his cosmic image. And in 2018, a video was released for his song Roll with the Beat with the band Nappy Roots, in which he appears in the image of an alien in a spaceship.


Şair, the rising star of the scene, is already remembered by the audience not only with his joint hits with DJ SMASH “Run, Darling, Run”, “ATML” and “New Year’s Eve”, but also with his extraordinary appearance. Many on the Internet are calling him extraterrestrial and alien, and a circle tattoo directly on his head only adds to the rumors.

Nicolas Cage

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The actor made a candid confession in an interview with Rampstyle in December 2022. He admitted that he always felt a little out of this world: “When I went to the doctor as a child and discovered that I had normal organs and a normal skeleton, I was shocked because I was sure I was from another planet.” But Nicolas Cage says that it was his “extraterrestrial sensibility” that helped him choose his future profession, and he was finally convinced of his calling when he saw David Bowie in the movie “The Man Who Fell to Earth.” Meanwhile, the musician played an alien and was himself often suspected of having connections with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Zhanna Aguzarova

For her unusual behavior on stage and images that, let’s be honest, defy description, Zhanna Aguzarova has long been called the main alien of the Russian stage. However, he does not deny this and in several interviews he talks about his extraterrestrial origin and his “inner connections” with Martians.


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It is no coincidence that Grimes came to our list right after Zhanna Aguzarova: firstly, she herself said that she was impressed by the American singer (after all, it is an alien community), and secondly, in the field of media Grimes has long won first place. The fame of “Zhanna Aguzarova on minimum wage”. As evidence – they included unusual images, operations (for example, they cut off the upper layer of his eye and replaced it with an orange polymer film, and also had his ears trimmed to resemble elf ears) and even the name of the alien, from Elon Musk to his son X AE A- XII.

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