Theresa Nist surprises with a beautiful dress when she marries Gerry Turner in “The Golden Wedding”

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A beautiful golden bride! Teresa Nist AND Jerry Turner he got married during the golden wedding special on January 4th. Theresa, 70, walked down the aisle in a stunning wedding dress. Her Badgley Mischka dress featured a plunging neckline and off-the-shoulder straps.

Theresa’s wedding look included a gorgeous veil. During the ceremony, one of the straps on Theresa’s wedding dress broke, but she didn’t let the wardrobe malfunction derail the ceremony. She happily recited her romantic vows to Gerry, 72, before they were declared husband and wife.

Before the wedding, Theresa spoke exclusively with Hollywood life on choosing the wedding dress. She was with Gerry’s daughters and her daughter at that special moment.

Teresa Nist
Theresa Nist walking down the hallway. (ABC)

“There were so many dresses to choose from,” Theresa revealed. “I said, select your best dress here. I took a few and showed them all. It was great to receive your feedback. And then when everyone agreed on the dress, I would say it’s more modern, I guess? Not exactly what I thought I was choosing. It is not. I had a different idea. But the one I tried and found best was different. “It wasn’t what I would have chosen.”

the golden wedding cameos from several Bachelor Nation alumni. The golden bachelor star Susan Noles officiated the ceremony, which took place in Palm Springs. Many of Gerry’s women (and Theresa’s friends) were there to celebrate the couple, including the runner-up. Leslie Phima.

Teresa Nist
Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner after their wedding. (ABC)

Gerry and Theresa, who fell in love during the The golden bachelorThey planned their wedding within a few weeks. The couple have openly spoken about not wanting to waste any of their golden years. After the wedding, Gerry and Theresa decide to find out where they want to live together.

“Let’s buy a house,” Gerry said. Hollywood life. “And, of course, we are working backwards from that. When do I want to sell my house? When do you want to sell Teresa? What places do we want to see? Suddenly, I really think New Jersey is a great place. It’s a two-hour plane ride from Indianapolis. It’s a great choice. So we have places to look.

Source: Hollywood Life

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