Not just “The Nutcracker”: Which productions to watch online for the New Year

Not just “The Nutcracker”: Which productions to watch online for the New Year
Not just “The Nutcracker”: Which productions to watch online for the New Year

Tickets for the Nutcracker ballet in December are selling out faster than hot cakes. After all, this particular production is always associated with the New Year. We have found many beautiful productions that you can watch online to spend your free time culturally and feel the magical atmosphere.


To get into the New Year’s mood, we recommend that you start the marathon by watching “The Nutcracker” staged by Bolshoi Theater artists. Thanks to the Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema project, the production can be watched online. Therefore, you can fully enjoy Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s magical music, magnificent scenery and dancers’ choreography. Although we have known the fairy tale since childhood, we still worry about the Nutcracker (Denis Rodkin) and Masha (Anna Nikulina), who are threatened by the Mouse King (Vitaly Biktimirov). Perhaps the most striking moment was the Sugar Plum Fairy’s (Nina Kaptsova) dance; It was hard to imagine the holiday without him.

“Winter Tale”

Christopher Wheeldon’s ballet “The Winter’s Tale”, adapted from William Shakespeare’s play of the same name, hits your heart with its beauty. Although the plot seems dramatic at first, a happy ending awaits the audience in the end. This story proves that love is not afraid of any obstacles.

“Alice in Wonderland”

Have you ever dreamed of attending a crazy tea party? Then go get the white rabbit! You can see the beloved characters of Lewis Carroll’s tale on the London stage of Covent Garden, staged by Christopher Wheeldon. Laura Morera’s adagio as the Queen of Hearts is particularly impressive.

“Cirque du Soleil: World of Fairy Tales”

This is the story of two separate lovers who have to go through many tests to be together. In Andrew Adams’ fantasy film, performers of the legendary Cirque du Soleil perform many beautiful and rare numbers from different productions. Particularly impressive is the unique “boat” display in the “O” water show at the Bellagio Casino Hotel: aerialists perform routines on a steel boat swinging 17 meters high. The skills of the acrobats in the “Wheel of Death” and “Ascension” (vertical progressive) numbers are no less admirable.

“Cirque du Soleil: Corteo”

Perhaps the best choice for a pajama party. Cirque du Soleil performers perform acrobatic tricks on chandeliers, balancing acts show off their skills with a steel hoop, while angels flutter their wings above the audience and shower them with artificial snow. The plot of the story is simple and even seemingly sad: the story begins with the funeral of a clown who either remembers his life or sleeps sweetly.

“The Legend of King Arthur”

For those who miss the atmosphere of “Game of Thrones”, we strongly recommend you to watch the musical “The Legend of King Arthur”. Don’t be afraid that the characters speak and sing in French. Fortunately, the production is available for free with Russian subtitles. The plot focuses on the love triangle between King Arthur, his wife Guinevere, and the knight Lancelot. The villains deserve special attention – the fairy Morgana and Prince Meleagant. We are sure that the latter will join the list of accidents. And of course there’s magic and a dragon. The first thing that fascinates you while watching is the incredible sounds and amazing choreography, as well as beautiful costumes and a moving stage.

“Dracula. “Love is stronger than death”

Another French musical available online with Russian subtitles. Unlike other productions of “Dracula”. “Love is stronger than death” surprises not only with its songs, but also with its choreography. By the way, the main character Dracula does not say a word: he expresses all his emotions in dance. Therefore, you should not worry at all that the plot will be incomprehensible without knowing the language. The story itself is from the novel by Bram Stoker and Francis Ford It was inspired by Coppola’s film of the same name.

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