Missing Bridgerton? You’ll love My Lady Jane!

Missing Bridgerton? You’ll love My Lady Jane!
Missing Bridgerton? You’ll love My Lady Jane!

Have you devoured the third season of Bridgerton and are craving period romance? The Amazon Prime platform launched My Lady Jane on June 27, a fresh and feminist series, which has no shortage of resources to eclipse the Netflix phenomenon.

When a series achieves international success, the competition wastes no time in launching a similar product, hoping to ride the trend. Remember the nicknames Lost or the imitations Desperate Housewives ? The immense popularity of the saga Bridgerton, launched on Netflix in 2020 and whose charm continues throughout the seasons, has aroused desire. But once is not customary, it’s better this way!

Amazon Prime has in fact developed its own period love story, adapting “My Lady Jane”the first volume in a series of novels revisiting the stories of several famous Janes, by Cynthia Hand, Jodi Meadows and Brodi Ashton. It’s about marriage, royalty and a heroine who can’t be counted!

Comedy, romance and adventure

If the tribe Bridgerton evolved in the 19th century, during the English Regency, My Lady Jane go back in time to take us back to the 16th century. Created by Gemma Burgess, the series follows The Colorful Adventures of Lady Jane Greynamed to everyone’s surprise as heir to the throne of England by her cousin, Edward VI. In history books she is known as the “Nine Days Queen”: abandoned by her council and court, she was dethroned by Mary Tudor, sister of Edward VI and executed in 1554. Rather bloody premises for what is announced as the news Bridgerton you tell me! Of course, but the novel and the series side with a pleasant rereading of the story.

AS Bridgerton with Lady Whistledown, This story is told to us by a mischievous narratorwhich creates a cap-and-dagger atmosphere by injecting a good dose of humor. Sometimes he interacts with the action or adds his little biting commentary in the middle of a dialogue between two protagonists for a modern, meta and diabolically paced delivery.

Just like the series produced by Shonda Rhimes, My Lady Jane plays with anachronisms with gusto. Dirty foot lover (I swear, this series makes you want to wash your feet!),”just a beer” granted to a ten-year-old, shameless sexism… We highlight through humor the most obvious dissonances between the 16th century and our time, in terms of morality or hygiene, and it’s funny!

Decidedly geared towards comedy, My Lady Jane Don’t forget the love story between its heroine and her boyfriend. Even in this case it is impossible not to think of the first season of Bridgerton. In both cases, Daphne Bridgerton and Lady Jane find themselves married against their will to fiery hunks, the Duke of Hastings and Lord Guildford Dudley, respectively, who upon reflection they will end up liking (we get them!). And vice versa. The love story between Jane and Guildford borrows the good old cliché of “enemies of lovers” (thanks to the incomparable “Pride and Prejudice”), to our delight! The beautiful chemistry between the interpreters of Jane and Guildford, the fiery Emily Bader and Edward Bluemel, makes this love story as sexy as it is believable.

An anti-racist subtext

Between royal betrayals and dangerous relationships, there is never a dull moment at Lady Jane’s court. But that’s not all! The humanist queen wants to put an end to institutionalized intolerance towards the Ethians. In fact, in the series, part of humanity has the ability to transform into an animal. A fantastic little twist in Narnia style that makes the series even more tasty.

But instead of finding them too elegant (!), the common humans, called the Truth, discriminated against the Ethians, pushing them to the outskirts of the cities. Segregationist laws even allow them to be killed for no real reason. The condition of the Ethians inevitably recalls the treatment reserved for racialized people, and more specifically for migrant populations, dehumanized by the racist speeches of leaders and politicians.

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Where the series really gets interesting is that it shows us how several characters, including our heroine Jane before she wakes up to the injustices, despise the Ethians without knowing their true living conditions or realizing that many of them are actually close people (we won’t tell you more so as not to spoil things). The story arc around the shapeshifters powerfully illustrates the ravages of systemic racism and the difficulty of fighting it. Years of intolerance and oppression cannot be erased with the wave of a magic wand, despite the Queen’s good intentions.

Contrary to Bridgerton, My Lady Jane does not only revolve around the marriage of its female characters. This “romantasy” (a contraction of “romance” and “fantasy”) is a real success, intelligent and funny, whose first season finale leaves the door open for a sequel. Long live Lady Jane!

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