Viewers Outraged Over Music in “Gladiator 2” Trailer

Viewers Outraged Over Music in “Gladiator 2” Trailer
Viewers Outraged Over Music in “Gladiator 2” Trailer

A still from the movie “Gladiator 2”

The creators of Gladiator 2 released a trailer for the film online, but instead of praise, they were met with a wave of criticism. The audience did not like the choice of soundtrack.

At the climax of the trailer for the film about Ancient Rome, a hip-hop song by Jay-Z and Kanye West suddenly starts playing. And although some of the lyrics match the plot, the audience thought the musical style was not suitable for a historical blockbuster.

“Kanye and Jay-Z’s song ruined everything. I understand that the text is appropriate, but do you know what is iconic about the first Gladiator? It’s the music. It had a huge impact on the experience of the movie”, “In what world does Ridley Scott’s Gladiator sequel need Jay-Z and Kanye West? Stop stuffing songs into trailers” people are outraged on social networks.

Let’s also remind you that Russell Crowe, who played the lead role in the first part of Gladiator, recently said that he rewrote the script with Ridley Scott. According to him, there were too many historical inaccuracies in the original version.

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