Here’s the World’s Most Expensive Burger (And It Leaves Us Perplexed)

Here’s the World’s Most Expensive Burger (And It Leaves Us Perplexed)
Here’s the World’s Most Expensive Burger (And It Leaves Us Perplexed)

Nicknamed “The Golden Boy,” this burger owes its exorbitant price to the premium ingredients used.

In recent years, hamburger restaurants have opened almost everywhere in big cities. And magazines regularly vote for the best hamburger of this or that place and fans flock to it. From being the quintessential fast food dish, the hamburger has become a highly sought-after dish, appearing on the menus of the most chic restaurants. In short, the fashion effect is not ready to die down. Smash hamburger, vegan hamburger… there is something for all tastes and budgets. In general, starting at €15, its price can become very, very high.

And why not “The Golden Girl”?

Following this trend, Guinness World Records has just revealed the world’s most expensive burger. Nicknamed “The Golden Boy,” this little sandwich isn’t your typical combination of meat, cheese, and pickles. As the name suggests, it actually is covered in gold leafwhile the burger itself is made with juicy premium wagyu beef, topped with caviar and king crab. The buns and onion rings are also made with Dom Perignon, a vintage champagne whose quality is beyond exceptional.

So, how much does this little wonder cost? “Its flavor is described as sweet, sour, salty, bitter, which means it has a pleasant and tasty taste”explains Guinness World Records. A single portion is sold for 5,000 euros, no, no you are not dreaming, a price due to the quality of the superior ingredients. And this burger exists, as it was included in the menu of the restaurant The Daltons in Voorthuizen, Gelderland, Netherlands by chef Robbert Jan De Veen (Netherlands) in 2021.

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