Britney Spears To Fans: ‘This Is Just Like My Dad Made It’

Britney Spears To Fans: ‘This Is Just Like My Dad Made It’
Britney Spears To Fans: ‘This Is Just Like My Dad Made It’

It looks like the latest photos of Britney Spears taken by the paparazzi left the singer seriously injured. She was forced to appeal to her fans on a banned social network.

Britney Spears. Photo: Getty Images

For those who forgot, we remind you. Britney Spears has recently come under fire for paparazzi photos that were not taken from the best angle, to put it mildly. The internet immediately flew around the unfortunate photos, which included a lot of mentions of cellulite underneath (see here ).

Apparently, the pop star had no strength left against all the hatred she had to face, so she seriously addressed her subscribers: “I almost don’t go out because I know they will do it. It’s strange to talk about it, but this is how I’ve always been treated. And it’s similar to what my father did. It’s demoralizing!

Let’s remember that hard times for Britney Spears began in 2007. The artist broke up with her husband and ended up in the clinic due to alcohol addiction. The court decided to give custody of the children to the father, but the star refused to give up her youngest son in 2008. This led to Britney being forcibly hospitalized and her father taking custody of her. With the help of fans, she managed to get out of this only in 2020.

Earlier, Jamie Spears gave her first major interview since the singer was released from custody. For 13 years, she controlled and restricted her freedom. Read here.

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